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4 days on the island of Elba, between dreamy beaches and mojitos

Here we describe an exciting travel story on the Island of Elba.

Here is a story of a couple who like to travel and discover new places on our Trilli, Ducati Multistrada of 2016. Their starting point is the great ones Crete Senesi, where they also decide on all their tours in front of a good glass of Brunello di Montalcino; More specifically, it’s Federico in charge, and Silvia the co-pilot who decides most of the different itineraries. He doesn’t like to call her Zavorrina, because she is an essential element of the success of our motorcycle tours! Here we are!
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Day 1: Departure for the Island of Elba and First Discoveries

Departure on Friday at 9:00 a.m., direction of Piombino. The road that separates us from the port to embarkation is not bad at all: Crete Senesi, Alta Maremma, and Colline Metallifere! Once we arrive, the ferry to take us is already waiting for us… we arrive at Portoferraio on the island of Elba. We have been to the island several times before, but this time we have to thank TrueRiders for this great opportunity. An hour crossing, the god Neptune was thankfully merciful. The ferry and BluNavy staff were very welcoming.
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As soon as we get off, we head towards Procchio where Maria Chiara awaits us on La Perla Beach, a beautiful restaurant with tables overlooking the beach, delicious food, and top-notch service. Our journey continues with a short stop at La Paolina Beach, where Napoleon’s sister likes to spend her days by the sea. Once we got down to the beach we had the pleasure of meeting the owners of Paolina Beach Club who were very nice and we said our goodbyes promising to come back as soon as possible.

Continuing we arrived at Sant’Ilario in Campo, a small medieval village nestled on a hill, from where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the bay of Marina di Campo and where the musician and composer Giuseppe Pietri was born. Once you disembark in Pila, a village in Campo nell’Elba, you must not forget to visit the Cecilia winery, where we tasted excellent wines. We have finally arrived at our destination, Elba Golf is located in Acquabona, a residence surrounded by greenery with its golf course. A quick shower and we’re off to dinner.

Aperitif at BARKOLLO a Porto Azzurro, a firm stop every time we come to Elba and then head towards Lacona for Hunger Chemical’s super sandwiches… over the top! A photo of the full moon reflected in the sea and we retreat under the covers, unfortunately, the first day is already behind us.

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Day 2: Capoliveri and Rio Marina

We get up at 8, another beautiful day awaits us: the first stop Capoliveri to watch the start of the Capoliveri Legend Cup, an internationally famous MTB race, and to say goodbye to two friends who are participating, we set off again towards the beach Lake Terranera where we used to go swimming, the path will take us to Ortan, a bay always protected from any wind, where it is possible to take nice dives for the more daring.

Continuing, we arrive at Rio Marina, where it is time for lunch, we happen to find La Miniera restaurant, where it is possible to taste traditional Albanian dishes. If you are looking for quiet beaches nearby: Luisi D’Angelo Beach, del Porticciolo, up to Punta della Madonnella. In the north is Cavo with dark beaches that remind us of mining. If you go a little higher, hidden in the bush you can discover an impressive Toninetti Mausoleum reachable by a short walk, a beautiful work of art, but abandoned to its inevitable decay.

The road that will take us “home” is a snake of newly asphalted curves under Monte Serra. We couldn’t miss the inauguration of Sete Chimica in Lacona, where we met many bikers.

Day 3: Marina di Campo

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On Sunday we headed to Marina di Campo, we found the road we wanted to go up to Poggio closed due to a foot race, but nothing to worry about, changes in the program did not scare us, so we headed towards Marciana Marina, so made a short stop and then got to Poggio, where we ate typical Genoese dishes at the Sciamadda restaurant. The tour of the island continues along the SP25, which runs along the sea: the beaches of Sant’Andrea, del Relitto, and Ogliena, the latter less frequented but equally beautiful. Return with a mandatory stop at the Acquarilli Bar for an excellent mojito and a wonderful view of the sea. A quick transfer to the apartment and dinner at the Bel Mare restaurant in Straccoligno, which has become one of our favorite fish restaurants over the years.

Day 4: The Dream Island of Elba

Unfortunately, the last day has arrived in the Island of Elba, we load Tinkerbell and go to the Bertelli bakery in Marina di Campo for breakfast and to taste their delicious crushed figs. Worth a visit, but not in high season, Biodola Beach from where numerous tourist routes start. The fortress of Volterraio awaits us, a beautiful route to take at sunset for a homemade aperitif, but remember that even if you sow bottles, they will not be born! When the Fort is closed, check opening hours on Google.

Last island lunch in Viticcio, at Giacomino restaurant, a characteristic village with narrow streets. Next is Enfola Beach, home to an old tuna fishery. The time at our disposal is up, there is a ferry waiting for us in Portoferraio to take us back to Piombino.

The Island of Elba is always beautiful, even in the off-season, when you can appreciate nature and history beyond the sea. An experience worth remembering and a huge thanks to TrueRiders!


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