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5 perfect routes for a weekend motorcycle holiday

December has finally arrived with the highly anticipated Christmas holidays. Of course, we are all better, but we are also all more eager to “escape”, to leave, to escape from the daily grind, to enjoy some well-deserved time off. Good news: Immaculate Conception’s extended weekend of 2023 lasts from Friday to Sunday. This is an ideal opportunity for a motorcycle weekend among the most beautiful Italian destinations: the last “long” trip of the year. Without wasting time, we will tell you right away where!

Immaculate Conception extended weekend at South Tyrol’s Christmas markets

bressanone 536409261
Christmas markets in Bressanone

South Tyrol probably feels the most beautiful Christmas atmosphere. The South Tyrolean villages have a very long tradition of creating Christmas markets full of magic, lights, and colors as if they were from a fairy tale. If you want to combine the satisfaction of a motorcycle trip with the “inevitable” task of buying Christmas presents, then go to Bressanone, a town that hosts some of the most beautiful Christmas markets in South Tyrol. By organizing a weekend stay, you will be able to visit other very famous markets in the vicinity: Merano, Vipiteno, Arco, and undoubtedly the capital city of Bolzano. Which will win you over the most?

A warm relaxing weekend in the Veneto Spa

arqua petrarca 1434248529
Arquà Petrarca, Panorama of the Eugan Hills

A relaxing Immaculate Conception weekend is well deserved. What’s better than a spa to satisfy this need for well-being? Veneto is a region that stands out for its spa facilities, especially in the area of Eugan Hills. There are also locations like Arquà Petrarch which combine the proximity of the spa with more “literary” attractions that tell the story of the life and work of one of the greatest poets of our literary heritage, Francesco Petrarca. During your stay in this town, ranked among the most beautiful villages in Italy, don’t forget to taste the delicious white wine from this area!

Mild Liguria and “sweet water”

The village of Dolceacqua overlooking the river

For residents of northern Italy, going to Liguria in December it’s always a special emotion because you manage to find mild days that almost seem to herald the arrival of spring. This emotion is of course felt in coastal cities (especially those overlooking the French Riviera: Bordighera, Sanremo, Ventimiglia…), but also in those a little further inland. Dolceacqua is one of them: an orange flag village so picturesque that it attracted artists like Claude Monet, who painted several masterpieces here. Will it conquer you too?

Immaculate Conception Bridge on Lake Trasimeno

castiglione del lago trasimeno 1127773357
Castiglione del Lago overlooking Lake Trasimeno

The largest lake in central Italy and the fourth largest in the whole country Lake Trasimeno It is ideal for a weekend or a short trip to Immaculate Conception extended weekend. You can visit a medieval fortress before taking a short boat trip to the islands in the middle of the waters Castiglione del Lago – which millennia ago represented a “fourth island” before the partial withdrawal of the waters. It is one of the most beautiful places that gather around this body of water, and you will certainly find a way to visit Perugia during your Umbria vacation!

The first pearl of the Amalfi Coast

albori 2216485685
View of the small town of Albori

The days of December and Immaculate Conception are the darkest of the year, but on the Amalfi coast, you can find a riot of lights and colors. Starting from Dawn, defined as the first pearl of the coast, or the ideal entrance you will encounter when arriving from Salerno. There are colors like yours here and in nearby Vietri Sul Mare ceramics, and local art specialties that can be found in shops, museums, markets, and house facades. During the long weekend of the Immaculate Conception on the coast, the state road SS163 will become “no secret” for you, passing through many other magical villages such as Maiori, Minori, and Amalfi – where perhaps the most famous Christmas markets in the Czech Republic take place.


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