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Car inspection check: how to check expiration

There are several ways to find out when to have your car inspected: here are the most immediate ways to check the appointment

It’s easy to forget that car inspection and only inquire about the expiration date if you are stopped by the police on the street. PUSH car inspection it is now within everyone’s reach, even if you don’t have the technical license of the vehicle at hand to read the inspection date. We see as check the car inspection date.

Updated December 27, 2023: more current and useful content for readers


The increasing number of workshops where car inspections are carried out has relieved the owner of the habit of checking the revision date. Today there is very widespread workshop notification via text message, regular mail, email, or phone when the inspection time is approaching. If it doesn’t, you run the risk of driving with a suspended license. If the car is immediately available, that’s enough simply check the inspection date in the brochure circulation. Not infrequently, there is also a sticker attached to the windshield to remind you when to have the car checked right after you get in. Otherwise, everything is written on the back of the brochure:

  • search heel with “REGULAR RESULT” and latest date;
  • date applies revised with this in mind, for cars for private use, it must be repeated revision every 2 years (or 4, for the first time if the car is new);
  • see wording Expiration month/year.

Verifica scadenza revisione auto libretto circolazione


A more immediate way to find out when your car inspection ends If you do not have the registration document available, you can find it online. PUSH check car inspection online this can be done for free through Il Portale dell’Automobilista. There is no need to register, but you must have at least a license plate number along with “Vehicle type” and “security code” to enter. As in the picture below it can be found out when was the last inspection done and the km of the car until the last inspection (here we will explain how to check the inspection history of the car. So the car in question passed the last inspection on November 14, 2020 (approx. 31 thousand km) and since it is a car for private use, the expiry review is until the last day of November 2022.

Verifica revisione auto


The car inspection dates for vehicles used for the transport of persons and private use, the following must be done:

  • After 4 years from the first registration within the month in which the registration certificate was issued;
  • then every 2 years in the month in which the last inspection was carried out.


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