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Christmas and New Year, Italian travel trends

Christmas is very close now and except the last few minutes, the holidays have already been arranged. Many Italians are ready to travel, some to meet their family and some to simply enjoy a bit of relaxation during the holidays. However, for many others, there is no option to leave this year. Let’s find out what they are trending according to a survey conducted by ACS Marketing Solutions for Federalberghi.

Christmas and New Year, Italian travel trends

Christmas and New Year, how many Italians travel?

I am almost 20 million Italians who decided to go for the Christmas and New Year holidays despite the economic difficulties of the last months (between price increases and inflation, many families were brought to their knees). According to the report, holiday sales are estimated at 14 billion and 993 million euros an increase of 14.4%. Also, those who will travel seem to be willing to spend more, for example for experiences – at the cost of reducing the budget for accommodation or travel.

Christmas and New Year, Italian travel trends

But the remaining 40 million Italians will stay at home: around half do so at their discretion, preferring to spend Christmas with family or simply avoiding the busiest periods. However, the other half are forced to give up their vacation because they cannot afford it. “The scenario our investigation presents us with is recovery, yes, but it’s taking time. Because I think we can’t underestimate the fact that of those who chose not to leave, a good 49.5% were forced to choose for economic reasons,” he said. Bernabo BoccaPresident Federalberghi.

Christmas and New Year, Italian travel trends

Favorite destinations

Let’s find out now the hottest travel trend among those leaving: the vast majority of Italians chose to stay within national borders (95% for Christmas and 91.7% for New Year). Those who head abroad are mainly heading to large European metropolises, ideal destinations, especially for celebrating the arrival of the new year. Those who remain in Italy do so primarily to reunite with their family or second, enjoy some relaxation. Specifically, 55.2% of them decided on a location in their region.

What are the popular destinations traveling for Christmas and New Year? The survey showed that for 30.2% of respondents, the choice fell on the mountains: in fact, many prefer a holiday in the snow, both for skiing and to experience the winter atmosphere at Christmas time. 23.4% instead opt for a big Italian city different from where they live, while 19.9% ​​are going to go to some beautiful destination artistic placement. Finally, 17.4% chose the sea to have fun while waiting for New Year’s Eve and enjoy the beautiful views.

Christmas and New Year, Italian travel trends

Foreign tourists in Italy

PUSH Coldiretti takes stock of the situation regarding foreign tourists coming to Italy for holidays. Our country is once again among the popular destinations and an increase of 17% is estimated in the period of Christmas and New Year. Most travelers from abroad come from the European Union: there are a full 70% of them, to which are added many tourists who stay in the United Kingdom and the United States.


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