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Novak Djokovic’s Roland-Garros 2024 Withdrawal and Its Impact on ATP Rankings

Stay updated on Novak Djokovic’s Roland-Garros 2024 withdrawal and its impact on ATP rankings. Explore the future prospects in this comprehensive website.


The tennis world was rocked on Tuesday when Novak Djokovic, the world No.1 and defending Roland-Garros champion, announced his withdrawal from the tournament due to a knee injury. This abrupt exit not only affects Djokovic’s immediate career prospects but also has significant ramifications for the ATP rankings and the future of men’s tennis. We explore the details of Djokovic’s injury, his journey in the 2024 Roland-Garros, and what the future might hold for the tennis legend.
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Djokovic's Roland-Garros 2024 Withdrawal
Image Source: Roland-Garros

Novak Djokovic’s Roland-Garros 2024 Withdrawal

Novak Djokovic’s 2024 Roland-Garros campaign came to an unexpected halt when he withdrew from his quarter-final match against Norway’s Casper Ruud. This match was highly anticipated as a rematch of the 2023 final, but a tear in the medial meniscus of Djokovic’s right knee forced him to bow out. The injury was identified following his grueling five-set victory over Francisco Cerundolo in the fourth round.

Djokovic's Roland-Garros 2024 Withdrawal
Image Source: Roland-Garros

Matches Leading Up to the Withdrawal

Djokovic’s performance leading up to his withdrawal was marked by intense, long matches that likely exacerbated his knee issues. In the third round, he played a marathon match against Lorenzo Musetti, which ended in the latest finish in Roland-Garros history. The subsequent fourth-round clash with Cerundolo, lasting four hours and 39 minutes, proved to be the tipping point for his knee troubles.

Djokovic's Roland-Garros 2024 Withdrawal
Image Source: Roland-Garros

Statement and Reactions

In his statement on social media, Djokovic expressed his disappointment and thanked his fans for their support.

“I played with my heart and gave my all in yesterday’s match,”

“Unfortunately… my team and I had to make a tough decision after careful consideration and consultation.”

Djokovic's Roland-Garros 2024 Withdrawal
Image Source: Roland-Garros

Impact on ATP Rankings

Djokovic’s withdrawal from Roland-Garros has immediate implications for the ATP rankings. Jannik Sinner, the Australian Open champion, will ascend to the world No.1 spot, becoming the first Italian man to achieve this ranking. This shift in the rankings highlights the dynamic nature of men’s tennis and the emergence of new talents challenging the established order.

Djokovic's Roland-Garros 2024 Withdrawal
Image Source: Roland-Garros

Future Prospects and Potential Layoff

The severity of Djokovic’s knee injury raises questions about his ability to compete at the highest level in the near future. Any extended layoff could significantly impact his quest for additional Grand Slam titles and his pursuit of an Olympic gold medal. At 37, Djokovic is closer to the end of his illustrious career, and each injury setback could be more consequential than the last.

Djokovic's Roland-Garros 2024 Withdrawal
Image Source: Roland-Garros

Djokovic’s Legacy and Competitive Spirit

Despite the injury, Djokovic’s competitive fire remains undiminished. He has repeatedly emphasized his focus on Grand Slams as his primary motivation. “There is always that kind of conviction and belief inside of me [that] I can win a Slam,” Djokovic said. His pursuit of a 25th Grand Slam singles title, which would make him the most successful player in tennis history, and his aspiration for Olympic gold for Serbia are still very much alive.

Djokovic's Roland-Garros 2024 Withdrawal
Image Source: Roland-Garros

Historical Context

Djokovic’s career is marked by resilience and an ability to overcome obstacles. He has consistently bounced back from injuries and setbacks to achieve extraordinary success. This latest challenge will test his determination and ability to adapt once again.

Comparison with Contemporaries

Like his contemporaries Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Andy Murray, Djokovic faces the relentless march of time. Each of these players has dealt with significant injuries in the latter stages of their careers. Djokovic’s ability to remain competitive despite his age and physical challenges is a testament to his extraordinary talent and determination.

Djokovic's Roland-Garros 2024 Withdrawal
Image Source: Roland-Garros

The Road Ahead for Djokovic

In the short term, Djokovic will need to focus on recovery and rehabilitation. The timeline for his return to competitive play will depend on the severity of his knee injury and his response to treatment. His participation in upcoming tournaments, including Wimbledon and the US Open, remains uncertain.

Long-Term Goals

Looking ahead, Djokovic’s goals remain ambitious. Achieving a 25th Grand Slam title and securing an Olympic gold medal are within his sights, provided he can maintain his physical health. His commitment to these goals will likely dictate his training and competition schedule in the coming years.

Djokovic’s Legacy

Regardless of the outcome of his current injury, Djokovic’s legacy in tennis is secure. He is already regarded as one of the greatest players of all time, with a record number of Grand Slam titles and numerous other accolades. His resilience and competitive spirit continue to inspire fans and fellow athletes alike.


Novak Djokovic’s withdrawal from the 2024 Roland-Garros due to a knee injury is a significant moment in tennis. It not only impacts the immediate landscape of the sport but also poses questions about the future trajectory of one of its greatest champions. As Djokovic navigates this latest challenge, the tennis world will watch with keen interest to see how he responds. His legacy, competitive spirit, and pursuit of excellence ensure that whatever the outcome, Djokovic will remain a central figure in the story of tennis.


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