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Eighth-grade exam 2024: dates, admissions, registration, interview, grade, and news | Students.it

Third year exam 2024

2024 eighth grade exam how it is: admission process, written and oral tests and grade

L’eighth grade exam 2024 is the final high school test that must be taken before entering the first year of high school. The final exam is divided into three written tests (Italian, mathematics, and languages) and an interview. All tests must be performed between the last day of school and June 30, as stipulated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Science in the order of August 1.

Eighth grade exam 2024

Unlike what happens in the state final exam of the last cycle of study, maturity, and eighth-grade exam dates 2024 they are not established by MI, but by each school independently. The Ministry of Education only identifies the time window in which it must take place and will be communicated in the coming weeks.

Entrance to the Eighth Grade Exam 2024

Several requirements must be met to be admitted to the eighth-grade exam:

  • have completed at least 3/4 hours per year;
  • no disciplinary sanctions were imposed expected from Article 4, paragraphs 6 and 9 BIS, of Presidential Decree No. 249/1998;
  • they participated in Invalsi trials 2024 (which this year will take place from April 4 to 30).

The admission grade is decided by your professors, who take into account your academic progress and is expressed in tenths.

Invalid tests of the third secondary school 2024

Invasive tests are usually an admission requirement and consist of a series of tests that take place on a PC and that record the level of students in Italian, Mathematics, and English. THE Stroke tests take place every year in a time window determined by the MIUR, but last year the tests were canceled due to the coronavirus emergency. Although participation is mandatory, it does not affect the test grades’ eighth-grade scores.

Third-year exam 2024: Italian language test

The first written test you will have to take is Italian, in which you will find three different pieces written by your professors. The types of traces previously identified by the MIUR are:

  • Type A (narrative or descriptive text);
  • Type B (argumentative text);
  • Type C (synthesis and understanding of the text).

Please note: everything can be mixed and matched. You will have approx. to complete the test in 3 or 4 hours and you will be able to use the dictionary. Each type of exam is very different from the others and follows very specific patterns. Type A leaves you with more freedom of expression than others; to cope with type B you need to be able to argue and for type C you will need to demonstrate your ability to understand the text.

Eighth grade exam 2024

Third-year exam 2024: math test

PUSH the maths test is the second paper you will face. The professors may give you around 3 hours to complete it and you should be able to use a calculator (but the final decision is always up to the stewards!). Math test topics are topics covered throughout the year, such as:

  • body geometry (cone, cylinder, etc.);
  • probability and statistics (calculation of mean, frequency, representation of data in a graph);
  • first-degree equation;
  • sciences (e.g. questions of genetics).

However, the track type could be one of these (but teachers could also choose to assign them together):

Each track contains problems on three types of tests:

  • math problems in which you will be presented with one or more applications;
  • questions with the possibility of marking multiple answers in which you will have the opportunity to discuss the procedure you followed and the final solution;
  • open questions.
  • To know more: how does an eighth-grade math test work

Eighth grade exam 2024

Language test for the eighth-grade exam

PUSH language test contains questions and exercises from English and another foreign language studied in the last year.

The proposals that the commission can present to you are different: from letters to a friend to a questionnaire to understand the text, from summarizing a document to creating a dialogue.

Third-year Oral Exam 2024

PUSH oral exam The latter generally causes the most anxiety among students, who have to repeat a multidisciplinary essay in front of the committee and answer possible questions from the professors themselves, which could also relate to topics and activities Citizenship, and the Constitution.

Third-year exam essay

During the interview, students will have to answer questions from professors. Students don’t need to present the usual seminar work. However, if your teachers have told you to do this, below you will find more information, a writing guide, and some ideas. The essay is a multidisciplinary path that, from the topic chosen by the student, touches all or almost all subjects of the exam. Once a central theme has been chosen, which acts as a bit of a common thread, the student must approach it from the perspective of each discipline (read our full writing guide). You haven’t chosen your yet thesis topic? Check out our recommendations. If you have chosen a topic but have no idea about the context, we recommend that you read this table of contents.

Exam class: how it works

The eighth-grade scores depend on the individual evaluation of the entrance, written, and oral tests. The final grade is given by the average between the admission evaluation and the sum of the evaluations of the individual tests. PUSH, however, is awarded only to those who have obtained a ten as an overall mark in the examination and if the professors making up the examination committee agree.


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