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European market +6% in November, but Italy is doing better

Budget registration of new cars in Europe published by the National Association of the Automotive Industry based on ACEA data, states that there is a trend in November of +6% compared to last year. They were sold in a total of 1,075,756 units which also helps increase volumes year to date by +15.6% compared to the previous year with 11,799,842 registered units. Here is an analysis of the top 5 representative main markets and the latest news on car incentives in 2024.


President of ANFIA, Roberto Vavassori, highlights that despite the slowdown in growth at the European level (+6%), Italy stands out for its positive performance with a 16.2% increase in registrations in November. A result that surpasses other major markets and confirms the positive trend of the whole year. But it is also true that the share of car registrations per km0 grew at the same rate.

“In terms of legislation, a few days ago, during the trialogue, the European Parliament, the European Commission, and the Council of the EU reached an agreement on the file Euro 7. – he claims Vavassori – It is good that a rational and pragmatic approach to the green transition has prevailed within the overall regulatory vision”. Furthermore, the incentives for 2024 were reconfirmed and increased to almost 14 thousand euros.


In November, quote OF purely electric cars (BEV) in Europe passed 17%outperforming diesel cars (11.3%). In Italy, however, BEVs represent only 4.3%, which confirms the greater representation of diesel vehicles compared to the European average.

In the area of ​​EU+EFTA+UK registration cars with alternative drive increased by 10.7%, with a total of 573,800 cars hybrid and electric representing 53.3% of the market. However, sales of cars at the outlet fell by 10.5%. Click on the image below to see it in full width.

Immatricolazioni auto europa novembre 2023


  • Italy: Registrations in November 2023 saw an increase of 16.2%, in total 249 units. In the first eleven months of 2023, total registrations reached 1,454,261 units, an increase of 20% compared to the previous year;
  • Spain: registrations in November increased by 7% (314 units), increasing the total for the first eleven months of 2023 by 17.3%;
  • France: the increase in registrations in November is 14% (711 units), with a total of 1,593,718 registrations for the first eleven months of 2023, an increase of 16.2%;
  • Germany: the market saw a 5.7% drop in registrations in November (701);
  • United Kingdom: saw an increase of 9.5% with 156,525 car registrations. The SMMT points out that the recovery in England is led by the fleet channel with an increase of 39.1%, while sales of electric vehicles fell by 17.1%.


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