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Fiat 500e: the next generation may be delayed until 2030

The future of the new electric Fiat 500 hangs in the balance as pointed out in a recent article by Corriere della Sera, which points to the uncertainties surrounding the historic Mirafiori plant. While the new Lancia Ypsilon 2024 and the upcoming Fiat Panda, set for a July release, seems confirmed, the fate of the electric Fiat 500 remains less certain. The Courier reports a possible delay of its launch from 2027 to 2030, in a market primed for the expansion of electric cars such as the 2026 Renault Twingo.

Fiat 500e

The new Fiat 500e may face a delay

Luigi Paone Minister Uilm of Turin, emphasizes the need to clarify employment in Turin and the future of Mirafiori: “In January, we will demand an explanation from the company regarding the future of Mirafiori. The market context is complicated for everyone, but we need guarantees and guarantees about employment in Turin.”

Another hot topic is electricity Maserati Quattroporte, originally planned for production at Mirafiori in 2024, but now in limbo. In a statement, Stellantis tried to reassure: “All new models will be 100% developed and manufactured in Italy using electric motors,” however, doubts remain about the sedan, which was originally expected in 2025.

Fiat 500e

Stellantis’ strategy seems to be shifting towards repositioning premium brands to differentiate itself from Alfa Romeo of Maserati. Igor Albera of Fim Cisl raised concerns about the performance of the electric 500 and the implications for employment if Maserati experiences further delays: “Mirafiori runs the electric 500, but the car has not been doing well in the market lately. It ends the year under 80,000 cars, far from the 100,000 expected. If Maserati slows down again, employment concerns will increase.”

Fiat 500e

Gianni MannoriFiom Turin representative for Mirafiori, points out the lack of new models to produce: However, we lack cars and production models. The suspension of the Maserati Quattroporte project further reduces the prospects of a major factory. Related projects are good, but cars need to be made.” Resolving these issues is critical to the future of the plant and the workers involved.

Fiat 500e


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