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Honor Magic 6 Lite, premium photography and super performance

Honor announced the launch of a brand new Magic 6 Lite, which further enriches the Magic series. Combining improved display quality, photography capabilities, and battery and hardware performance, this device sets a new benchmark for mid-range smartphones.

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The display integrates the technology of Ultra-Bounce Anti-Drop, which provides excellent drop resistance and durability. Five-star certified by SGS for overall drop resistance, and thanks to the use of new generation materials, the display uses advanced cushioning technology that increases the ability to absorb shocks by up to 1.2 times, guaranteeing maximum robustness even in the event of drops from a height of 1.5 meters, regardless of the place of impact. Curved on the sides, it features a 6.78-inch Amoled matrix, 1.5k resolution, and a 100% DCi-P3 color gamut with support for up to 1.07 billion colors. As a testament to Honor’s commitment to increasingly human-centric technology, Magic6 Lite offers a range of vision protection features, including 1920Hz PWM dimming, low blue light, dynamic dimming, and circadian night display—all features that meet the needs of the current generation that spends many hours in front of screens.

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The smartphone boasts a triple camera system consisting of one 108Mp Ultra-Clear camera, and 5Mp ultra-wide. The main camera captures more light and creates clear and vivid images. It also offers high optical quality with a 3x zoom and a motion capture engine that ensures sharp and detailed shots. In addition to the main camera, the ultra-wide-angle camera offers a 110° field of view, which is ideal for capturing large landscapes and group photos. The Magic6 Lite is also equipped with a 2 MP macro camera with a minimum focal length of 4cm, enabling close-up shots with clarity and fine detail.

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Magic6 Lite delivered excellent battery performance and Dxomark Battery Gold Label certification. It is equipped with a 5300mAh battery capable of powering the device for 2 days on a single charge and, at the same time, maintaining a long service life, as it retains 80% of its capacity even after a thousand charging cycles.

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Driven by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 6 Gen 18 processor, the Honor device offers superior flagship capabilities with a 35% increase in GPU performance and 40% CPU efficiency, ensuring productivity and entertainment without slowing down at all times, as the brand declares. The smartphone integrates the latest version of MagicOS 7.2 and offers access to several updated and customized functions to guarantee smarter and more comfortable work for those who work remotely.

Magic6 Lite boasts an elegant and modern design, which is the result of careful processing and great attention to detail. The latest Honor smartphone, available in four color variants, is already on sale for 349.90 euros.


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