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Jeep – Compass 2024, orders open in Italy: all prices and trims

Explore the future of SUVs with the 2024 Jeep Compass Model Year. Electrifying and technologically advanced, this iconic American SUV boasts UConnect 5 connectivity, four enriched trims, and a shift toward electrified petrol variants. Discover the seamlessly integrated features, electrification options, and pricing details, marking a new era for the legendary Jeep Compass.

Jeep - Compass 2024

Jeep Unveils 2024 Compass Model Year: Electrifying the Future of SUVs

Jeep has officially opened orders for the 2024 Compass Model Year in Italy, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of this iconic American SUV. The latest iteration of the Compass has undergone updates in terms of equipment and connectivity solutions, embracing a future-oriented approach by exclusively offering electrified petrol variants. While diesel versions will linger in the lineup for a few more months, they will not benefit from the enhancements brought by the new model year.

Jeep - Compass 2024

Connectivity Redefined with UConnect 5

The 2024 Compass doesn’t just bring a visual refresh; it introduces a host of technological advancements. UConnect 5 takes center stage, bringing a 10.1″ infotainment screen that boasts wireless connectivity for both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The system, available across all variants, also integrates TBM telematics services for the e-Hybrid version, promising seamless connectivity and an enhanced driving experience.

Inside the cabin, a 10.25″ instrumentation screen complements the infotainment system, creating a visually cohesive and technologically advanced cockpit. The aesthetic updates include refined finishing details and diverse color combinations across trim levels, maintaining the Compass’s distinct identity.

Four Enriched Trims: Altitude, Summit, Overland, and Trailhawk

The 2024 Compass range presents four enticing trims—Altitude, Summit, Overland, and Trailhawk—each upgraded from their predecessors. The Altitude trim offers a range of standard features, including Full LED headlights, 18-inch wheels, Adaptive Cruise Control, Keyless Entry, and electrically adjustable and heated mirrors.

Jeep - Compass 2024

Moving up the ladder, the Summit trim introduces a more luxurious touch with 19-inch diamond-cut wheels, a contrasting black roof, LED fog lights, tinted rear windows, ventilated leather seats with electric driver adjustments, and parking sensors. The Overland trim, tailored for off-road enthusiasts, boasts 17-inch wheels with M+S tires, optimized approach, and departure angles, a raised stance, and washable interior surfaces.

At the helm is the Trailhawk, the flagship version designed for ultimate off-road prowess. It features 17″ diamond-cut wheels, underbody protections, the Jeep Active Drive Low 4×4 system, additional tow hooks, Hill Descent Control, a black roof, custom graphics, and ventilated leather seats. The Trailhawk also offers a specific driving mode dedicated to off-road adventures.

Customization Simplified with Optional Packages

To streamline the purchasing process, Jeep introduces three customization packages: the Safety Pack, encompassing Blind Spot Monitoring, Parking Assist, and 360-degree cameras; the Premium Pack, offering a navigation system, electric tailgate, wireless charging platform, and various level 2 ADAS features; and the Winter Pack, allowing buyers to add heated seats, steering wheel, windshield, and all-weather mats. Additionally, a separate option for a sunroof is available for those craving an open-air driving experience.

Jeep - Compass 2024

Embracing Electrification: Petrol Goes Electrified

In a bold move towards sustainability, the Jeep Compass bids farewell to the classic 1.6 Multijet diesel engine and shifts its focus entirely to electrified powertrains. Customers can now choose between the e-Hybrid and the 4xe PHEVs, both offering potent performance with reduced environmental impact.

The e-Hybrid features a 130 hp 1.5 T4 engine with a 48 Volt system, front-wheel drive, and DCT7 automatic transmission. On the other hand, the 4xe PHEVs come in two variants—one with 190 hp and another with 240 hp—both equipped with a 1.3 turbo-petrol engine, a six-speed automatic transmission, and an all-wheel drive. The 4xe PHEVs offer impressive electric-only ranges, with the ability to cover up to 53 km of electric power alone.

The 4xe PHEVs also introduce the Selec-Terrain system with driving modes like Auto, Snow, Sand/Mud, and Sport. The Trailhawk variant goes a step further, adding the Rock mode, catering to those seeking an unparalleled off-road experience.

Jeep - Compass 2024

Jeep Compass 2024: Pricing and Availability

The electrifying Jeep Compass 2024 is now available for orders in Italy, with a pricing lineup as follows:

  • Jeep Compass e-Hybrid Altitude: €39,900
  • Jeep Compass e-Hybrid Summit: €43,900
  • Jeep Compass 4xe 190 hp Altitude: €49,900
  • Jeep Compass 4xe 240 hp Overland: €50,900
  • Jeep Compass 4xe 240 hp Summit: €53,900
  • Jeep Compass 4xe 240 hp Trailhawk: [Pricing to be announced]

As the automotive landscape evolves, the 2024 Compass emerges as a trailblazer, seamlessly combining cutting-edge technology, electrified powertrains, and the legendary Jeep capability. The electrification journey signifies not just a shift in power sources but a commitment to a greener, more sustainable future for the iconic American SUV.


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