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LG’s first 4K Oled gaming monitor with Dual Hz is coming

Lg submitted the new line of UltraGear Oled gaming monitors with many models boasting ideal features for those looking for an engaging and immersive gaming experience.

In particular, the new range includes the highly anticipated 32-inch (32gs95ue) dual-Hz 4k monitor and 39-inch (39gs95qe) and 34-inch (34gs95qe) models with ultra-wide curved screens.

UltraGear PR 32GS95UE 01
Model 32gs95ue

The 32-inch model is the first UltraGear monitor to feature the new Dual-Hz feature, which lets you switch from 4k (3840 x 2160) at 240Hz to FullHD (1920 x 1080) at 480Hz with just a click.

This new feature allows you to instantly use the optimal combination of screen resolution and refresh rate for the type of game you’re playing, right from the joystick. For example, for more intense games and shooters, you can choose the FHD 480Hz mode, while for those that are more focused on the story, the 4K 240Hz mode is more suitable. The new UltraGear also offers a 0.03ms (gtg) response time to help reduce motion improve sharpness and give the gaming experience more dynamics.

This function, combined with the exceptional rendering of colors and contrast guaranteed by Oled technology, offers a truly unique gaming experience. Design and sound have also been designed to guarantee maximum immersion: the absence of frames on 4 sides offers a full-screen display that does not distract from the game action, while Pixel Sound technology and a front audio system that integrates two bass speakers and support for DTS Virtual :X creates exciting three-dimensional sounds. Speakers integrated behind the Oled panel eliminate the need for external speakers and free up valuable desk space.

UltraGear PR 34GS95QE 02 model 34gs95qe

The 34-inch Oled monitor, winner of the Ces 2024 Innovation Award, and its 39-inch bigger brother, immerse users in the gaming experience thanks to their 800R curved displays, 21:9 cinema format, and UltraWide Quad HD resolution (3440 x 1440). The 4-sided bezel-less design anti-glare layer and low-reflection coating ensure immersion and comfort, while the 240Hz refresh rate and 0.03ms (gtg) response time ensure a smooth and super-responsive gaming experience. The new gaming monitors use Unity’s hexagonal design, which perfectly combines elegant aesthetics with efficient cable management. Introduced this year, the thin “L”-shaped support allows tilt, height, and rotation adjustments, ensuring installation flexibility and maximum ergonomics; moreover, thanks to its small dimensions, it takes up less space on the table while remaining strong and stable. Finally, the sleek design helps give the monitors a decidedly futuristic look.

The new UltraGear Oled 2024 gaming monitor series also includes two 45-inch monitors and one 27-inch monitor (45gs95qe, 45gs96qb, and 27gs95qe). Thanks to the high refresh rate, fast response time, and high image quality, these monitors meet the expectations of the most demanding consumers. All three models are Vesa HDR True Black 400 certified and offer high-brightness screens with rich, deep blacks and sharp details even in the darkest gaming environments. In particular, the 45gs96qb model allows gamers to immerse themselves in their favorite games thanks to the perfect combination of a curved Oled display with UltraWide QHD resolution and integrated speakers. However, the 27gs95qe is an ideal solution for those with smaller spaces, thanks to its 27″ flat screen with all the specifications and functions necessary for high-level gaming.


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