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Marginal benefit 2024: new ACI tables

The press release was published in the Official Gazette on 22 December 2023 new national tables for kilometer operating costs of cars and motorcycles processed ACI, as stated in art. 3 paragraph 1 of the legislative decree 314/97. As is known, tables are used to determine fringe benefits 2024i.e. “in-kind” remuneration that derives from the provision of company vehicles to employees for mixed use for work and private needs.

Updated December 27, 2023, with the publication of new tables that determine the marginal benefit for 2024.


The company cars (but also motorcycles, mopeds, and motorhomes) granted for mixed use to employees, i.e. those that can also be used for personal purposes represent a form of “in-kind” reward supplementing the main “cash” reward and are therefore subject to taxation assumed for a fringe benefit which is just an additional reward in goods or services.

The legislation changed slightly in 2020: the old regulation provided that taxable value was determined by sampling from ACI tables (updated annually) unit kilometer figure for vehicle type multiplied by a conventional average distance of 15,000 km and from the resulting amount is then calculated fixed percentage of 30%. Then by dividing the obtained number by 12, i.e. the number of months of the duration of the employment contract, the monthly value of additional benefits to be shown on the payslip was obtained.

With the new law, the procedure remains broadly similar, but the percentage of 30% for calculating the amount of fringe benefits to be taxed was previously set, varies depending on the vehicle’s CO2 emissions to encourage companies to buy cars (as well as motorhomes, motorcycles, and mopeds) on low environmental impact. Today’s valid percentages are:

  • 25% for vehicles with CO2 emission values up to 60 g/km;
  • 30% for vehicles with CO2 emission values from 61 g/km to 160 g/km;
  • 50% for vehicles with CO2 emission values from 161 g/km to 190 g/km;
  • 60% for vehicles with CO2 emission values above 190 g/km.

Marginal benefits 2024 ACI table


Under Article 51(4) TUIR (Consolidated Income Tax Act), operating costs per kilometer of vehicles granted for mixed use can be deducted from national tables to be drawn up by the Italian Automobile Club by 30 November each year and communicated with the tax office, which will then publish them 31st of December with effect from the following tax period. The ACI tables with the relevant amounts fringe benefits 2024 appeared in Official Gazette No. 298 of 27/12/2023.

The ACI 2024 tables apply to the following vehicle types:

  • Gasoline vehicles in production;
  • Diesel vehicles in production;
  • gasoline/LPG and gasoline/methane vehicles in production;
  • Hybrid/petrol and hybrid/diesel vehicles in production;
  • Electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles in production;
  • End-of-life gasoline vehicles;
  • End-of-life diesel vehicles;
  • Gasoline/LPG and Gasoline/Methane vehicles phased out;
  • discontinued production of hybrid/gasoline and hybrid/diesel vehicles;
  • Discontinued electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles;
  • Motorcycles (including mopeds and microcars);
  • Motorhomes.


It’s easy with ACI tables to calculate the marginal benefit in 2024 regarding company vehicles that are intended for mixed-use. Here are some examples of the fringe benefits of automobiles: first Fiat 500X 1.3 Multijet 95 HP diesel which radiates 121 g/km CO2 (WLTP cycle), it is necessary to multiply the corresponding kilometer unit (0.4563) for the conventional average distance 15,000 km and extrapolate the percentage from the amount obtained (6,844.5). 30% applies to vehicles with emissions from 61 to 160 g/km, which corresponds to 2,053.35. By dividing this number 12i.e. the number of months of the employment contract, we get the monthly value of fringe benefits for the year 2024 of this Fiat 500X (171.11) model.


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