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Perfumes for Christmas: the right scents to celebrate

Paris Hilton's Christmas in Pink

There are occasions when etiquette is essential, even in the choice of perfume. Choosing your scent the heart is certainly a very personal question, but not only that: olfactory notes and pyramids can have a significant impact on our surroundings. It is for this reason that occasions like Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas lunch are perfect for showing off polite scents able to envelop the skin without overwhelming others.

Soft and gentle chords that you can surround yourself with without fear. It is important to consider more than that when choosing a perfume for public occasions how the fragrance will react to the pH of the skin and also the people around us.

The right one should leave only one thin trail in the air and possibly respect the seriousness of the occasion. That’s why finding the right perfume for Christmas means carefully studying the juice and choosing the notes that will help you shorten the wait for December 25th spend the day with your relatives unscathed and finally relax in Santo Stefano.

Perfumes for Christmas: warm notes for Christmas Eve

The night of December 24 tells a story of waiting. A moment to share with family or friends, characterized by exactly that heat generated by affections. The heat can be reproduced by a selection of surrounding scents characterized by soft tones such as cashmere, amber, or vanilla.

Blends that promote a party atmosphere through the lightness of spice give Christmas scents a romantic and elegant aura that can accompany you throughout the evening until midnight.

For those who plan to spend Christmas Eve as a couple, ie Christmas perfumes they are enriched with sensual notes of tuberose and rose, but also through juicy accords of red fruit.

Gourmet fragrances for Christmas

A table full of delicacies and in the air the smell of delicacies being prepared in the oven. THE perfumes dedicated to Christmas Day are a tribute to culinary tradition. Gourmet fragrances that play with sweet notes of sugar and Chantilly cream candied fruits and exotic fruits.

Christmas perfumes 2023

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A Christmas fragrance to serve as a dessert, to celebrate traditional desserts such as gingerbread and panettone, which you can taste by wearing them vaporized on your wrists and behind your ears. Greedy but not invasive, Christmas perfumes respect the label thanks to their subtle sweetness which envelops without oppressing the senses.

Christmas juice: freshness for Boxing Day

After endless hours at the desk, facing Boxing Day seems like a challenge. And if it is impossible to avoid the last visits of relatives, choose the right smell it can be the only shield against certain nausea.

It is for this reason that the best solution is to be enveloped in sparkling tones that can represent a breath of fresh air. Citrus accords whose base is lemon, orange, and bergamot, but also hints powdered associated with graceful flowers such as iris.

Discover in the gallery the best perfumes for Christmas, Christmas Eve, or last attempts on Boxing Day.


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