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Travelers’ priorities include doing whatever they want in the most convenient way possible. To meet this demand, more and more services are being created, more or less economical, which help customers face their trips as calmly as possible. One of them is called “luggage storage”, which, although still a young market, is gaining more and more popularity.

Luggage Storage – Market Report 2023

What is “Luggage Storage”

The company says that “luggage storage” is still a service in demand growth capital, thanks to its study ‘Luggage Storage – Market Report 2023’, through which it also outlined its possible future development. But what exactly is it?

We started this article by emphasizing the importance of convenience on your travels, which is why “Luggage Storage” is all about trying to do just that. This is because it is an offer to store luggage during free time between arrival (or departure) and check-in (or check-out) at the accommodation facility. The estimated global market value of this service is almost 8 billion euros. In our country, the value is just as important, because we are talking about figures that hover around a market share worth 400 million euros, which is 15% of the total European volume.

Luggage Storage – Market Report 2023

The reason for all this success is perhaps connected to the fact that “luggage storage” is an innovative digital solution capable of simplifying the movement of millions of people around the world. In a speech he gave Italy today Lorenzo Triboli, Vice President of Growth Capital stated that this “strong interest, also evidenced by a significant increase in online traveler searches, creates the conditions for an extremely profitable market. In this context, some factors are key: the sustainability of the process of acquiring customers and expanding the network of business partners, which must be as wide as possible throughout the territory. In addition to a competitive commercial offer, which may also include additional premium services such as baggage handling from the original storage location to the station or airport of departure”.

This service allows you to keep as long as needed luggage and backpacks in special lockers or reserved spaces in exchange for a fee, hourly or daily.

How it is organized

Currently, this type of market has two main categories of suppliers: those traditional as physical railway station warehouses, e.g. digital providers, that is, online platforms through which you can reserve storage space in commercial establishments strategically located in areas useful for your trip. So let’s talk about bars, restaurants shops, and much more. This service therefore guarantees greater volatility and a simpler and more flexible booking process than many similar ones.

Luggage Storage – Market Report 2023

There are currently an estimated 600 million travelers in North America who can benefit from a baggage storage service and 400 million in Europe.

A very useful and interesting service, but unfortunately it still has its limitations, which in many cases push users not to use it. We refer to the poor buoyancy, and therefore to the (currently) few structures available as storage, the not-very positive perception of the quality of services, the absence of reliable information about the actual availability of storage space, and the impossibility of online booking and payment in some cases.

However, these are problems that can be solved by digital providers that guarantee maximum territorial coverage through partnerships with commercial activities and which, it is fair to emphasize, completely digitize the experience.


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