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Telepass payment and unbilled trips: how to check

To optimize cost management on the motorway, it is useful to know in advance what the Telepass payment and unaccounted journeys are

Telepass is one of the solutions for the rapid management of highway toll transit. It allows passage through reserved lanes, thereby shortening or eliminating waiting at toll booths. But how do you express it with Telepass payments and trips that are not charged? In practice, it’s about knowing what movements are happening in real-time. Telepass uses sensors to record each passage through the barrier and charge a fee to the user’s current account or credit card. It doesn’t do it in real-time. PUSH periodicity of fees takes place every quarter, with several exceptions. For example, if expenses exceed the limit of 258.23 euros, In this situation, the billing is monthly, with a membership fee of 3.72 euros. After that, the invoice is returned quarterly if the amounts in the reference period fall within the limit of EUR 258.23. It is therefore useful to know the list in advance to optimize the control and management of highway expenses for tours that are not yet charged.


To access the list, Payment by telepass and trips are not charged; just use the available online resources. First, connect to the main Telepass page. Then go to your area, which is accessible only to registered users. Registration can be done on the website or at Punto Blu by assigning a Telepass number. Upon completion of registration, you will be provided with access information in the form of a username and password to access your page. All are available in this section information regarding Telepass. Including the possibility of managing license plates and viewing the archive of already invoiced tours. You can find a detailed overview of the routes that are not yet subject to fees in the dedicated viewing tools. As well as what happens to trips already invoiced and paid for by the user. With the entry into force for electronic invoicing, the user still sees Telepass charges in the reserved area. More precisely, it is a courtesy invoice. It differs from official or electronic in its invalidity for tax purposes.

telepass home page


To access the detailed list of Telepass payments and trips that are not charged, you must select the section Trips and Stopovers located on the left side. This section provides a complete overview of pending trips, including the detection time of the Telepass a category of means of transport. The user reserves the right to print the report on unbilled trips using the PDF icon located at the top of the page. Among other things, there is a data filtering function that allows you to select based on the license plate of the car or the date. The inclusion of payment is an interesting parking service in designated areas at Italian airports. From a practical point of view, we point out how a motorist can deal with invoices for the last 24 months. If you need older invoices, you must request them through the Telepass website by entering your personal information.


If what we’ve illustrated is the traditional way to access a list that also contains Telepass payment and trips are not charged, it is good to know that there is no shortage of alternatives. This is a mobile application. More precisely, an application developed for smartphones and tablets equipped with the Android operating system and for iPhones and iPads. Usefulness is to be found in the practicality of the solution. The purpose is the same. The telepass holder consults the complete list of trips registered by Telepass. You can thus have in front of your eyes a complete invoicing picture supplemented with a preview of the amount that will be charged.

telepass app


Telepass holders may receive from The Pedemontana Lombarda highway non-payment reports. This happens because APL uses a free-flow detection system and telepasses are not always detected. To enable automatic charging, authorization is required through the Pedemontana Lombarda Charges Service available in the dedicated section of the website.


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