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The Fiorrancino: A Tiny Avian Marvel in the World of Photography

Embark on a journey into the world of nature photography with Gian Luca Tognon, capturing the dynamic Fiorrancino and navigating the intricate realm of teleconverters. Discover the fusion of art and technology through captivating images and the photographer’s evolving journey.


Image Credit: Gian-Luca-Tognon

Capturing the Essence of the Fiorrancino: A Glimpse into Gian Luca Tognon’s Extraordinary Encounter

On the picturesque Monte Baldo (VR) on April 22, 2023, Gian Luca Tognon, an avid photographer from the province of Padua, seized a rare moment. His lens focused not on grand landscapes but on a delicate Fiorrancino, a passerine bird weighing a mere five grams and spanning a modest nine centimeters. This diminutive creature, distinguished by a vibrant crown reminiscent of a flickering flame, became the subject of Tognon’s photographic prowess.
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The Challenge of Photographing the Fiorrancino: A Dance with Burstiness

The Fiorrancino, like many of its small avian counterparts, proved to be a dynamic subject. It tested the mettle of wildlife photographers, demanding short exposure times to “freeze” its restless routine. Enveloped in a labyrinth of branches, the bird challenged even the most sophisticated focusing systems.

Gian Luca Tognon rose to this challenge, employing a strategically placed photo hut on Monte Baldo. Cloaked in front nets for effective camouflage, the structure allowed Tognon to overcome the distance barrier and reveal intricate details of the Fiorrancino’s plumage and morphology.

Image Credit: Gian-Luca-Tognon
The Fiorrancino’s Unique Attributes: A Symphony of Nature

Let’s delve deeper into the characteristics that make Fiorrancino a captivating subject. Weighing only five grams, this passerine bird stands at a mere nine centimeters, yet it boasts a vibrant crown that resembles a small flame, casting hues of orange or intense yellow. The challenge for photographers lies in capturing the bird’s rapid and lively movements, a dance that unfolds amidst a tangled web of branches, defying even the most advanced focusing systems.

Gian Luca Tognon’s lens becomes a window into Fiorrancino’s world, freezing moments of its restless routine. The photo hut, with its front nets and strategic placement, becomes a silent observer, allowing Tognon to bridge the gap and capture details that would otherwise remain imperceptible. The result is a series of photographs that not only freeze the Fiorrancino but also provide a detailed portrait of its plumage and morphology.

Image Credit: Gian-Luca-Tognon

Unveiling the Teleconverter: A Photographer’s Double-Edged Sword

Pros and Cons in the Realm of Teleconverters

When delving into the realm of teleconverters, opinions among photographers diverge significantly. For wildlife photographers like Tognon, these devices offer a boon by extending the effective focal length, eliminating the need to approach subjects closely. Tognon transformed his Canon EF 400mm lens into a formidable 560mm by attaching a 1.4x extender.

However, the enchanting allure of teleconverters comes with its own set of drawbacks. They lead to a reduction in lens brightness, with a 1.4x multiplier causing a one-stop aperture decrease and a 2x multiplier causing a two-stop reduction. For instance, coupling a 1.4x teleconverter with an f/2.8 lens results in a maximum aperture of f/4, while a 2x teleconverter drops it to f/5.6.

Navigating Sharpness: Teleconverter vs. Crop

Another consideration in the teleconverter saga is potential image sharpness loss due to added optical elements. This issue is mitigated when high-quality prime lenses are paired with teleconverters of matching quality. Conversely, cheap multipliers on modest zoom lenses may yield images with reduced sharpness and contrast, prompting some to favor cropping over teleconverter-assisted photography.

Autofocus Dilemmas: The Teleconverter’s Impact

Additional challenges emerge with potential autofocus slowdowns and reduced focus points when using teleconverters, particularly on DSLRs. Modern mirrorless cameras, however, address these issues. Tognon’s combination of a reflex camera and a bright 400mm f/2.8 lens remains immune to autofocus problems, thanks to the camera’s sensitive AF system.

The Art of Teleconverter Deployment: Optimizing Yield in Nature Photography

Tognon, faced with fast-moving subjects like birds, must contend with the delicate balance between shutter speed and aperture. Rapid shutter speeds, essential for capturing the Fiorrancino’s dynamic movements, are often incompatible with small apertures. Consequently, Tognon judiciously deploys teleconverters, evaluating shooting conditions in advance and exclusively using them with high-quality lenses.

The exquisite Fiorrancino shots showcased in this article were captured using a professional lens equipped with a state-of-the-art teleconverter. Tognon’s approach reflects not only technical expertise but also a deep understanding of his subjects, ensuring that the teleconverter enhances rather than compromises the final image.

Gian Luca Tognon: A Photographic Journey Unveiled

A Pandemic-Inspired Exploration of Photography

Born in 1970, Gian Luca Tognon’s photographic journey commenced in 2020 during the enforced isolation of the coronavirus pandemic. Intrigued by photography, he acquired his first reflex camera and embarked on a journey of self-discovery through the lens. Faced with solitude, Tognon delved into the study of basic photographic techniques, devouring specialized books and engaging with online communities.

The Evolution of Technique: From APS-C to Professional Lenses

The culmination of Tognon’s full immersion in photography led to the purchase of his first APS-C reflex camera, a Canon EOS 90D. Guided by his passion for nature, Tognon experimented with various genres, including landscape photography and macro photography. However, it was his exploration of nature photography, particularly birdlife, that truly captured his artistic soul.

The Modest Photographer: A Humble Approach to Nature

Despite his evolving expertise, Tognon refrains from labeling himself a wildlife photographer. He recognizes that such a title demands an extensive understanding of subjects, behaviors, and an approach to photographic outings. With modesty, he acknowledges that his journey in nature photography has just begun, with much to learn and explore.

However, what sets Tognon apart is not just his dedication but the rapidity of his photographic evolution. His journey, propelled by a genuine passion for nature and a relentless pursuit of improvement, rivals even the seasoned veterans of nature photography.

Image Credit: Gian-Luca-Tognon

The Fusion of Art and Technology: A Reflection on the Fiorrancino Series

In conclusion, Fiorrancino and Tognon’s adept use of teleconverters unveils a captivating intersection of nature and technology. As we delve into Tognon’s photographic journey, the delicate dance between perplexity and burstiness echoes the nuanced rhythms of the natural world.

Tognon’s ability to freeze the Fiorrancino in its dynamic routine showcases not just technical proficiency but an intimate connection with the subject. The teleconverter, often seen as a double-edged sword, becomes a tool of enhancement in the hands of a skilled photographer.

The Fiorrancino series is more than a collection of photographs; it is a testament to the harmonious coexistence of human ingenuity and the natural world. Through Tognon’s lens, we witness the beauty of a passerine bird transformed into art, a fleeting moment captured with precision and artistry.

As we navigate the intricacies of nature photography and technological nuances, Gian Luca Tognon stands as a beacon of inspiration for both aspiring photographers and seasoned veterans. The Fiorrancino, with its vibrant crown and lively dance, becomes a symbol of the delicate balance between the wild and the crafted, the intricate and the frozen in time.


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