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The village of ‘cavallefante’, famous for its Christmas markets and nativity scenes, is magical in December

There are countless Christmas markets in Italy, but according to many, this is the most beautiful. On Bressanone, every year from the beginning of Advent to the Epiphany, the small illuminated wooden houses of the Piazza Duomo market come to life. A tradition that for more than thirty years has made this South Tyrolean town—the oldest in South Tyrol, founded in 901—a charm for adults and children alike. The village is beautiful all year, but especially in December, it is a wonder to discover.

The village of 'cavallefante', famous for its Christmas markets and

On a motorbike in South Tyrol, from Bolzano to Bressanone



The itinerary from the capital of South Tyrol, Bolzano, is really easy. There are two solutions: the first is to take the A22 Brenner motorway; the recommended output is Z Chiusa-Val Gardena. The second is to take the state road SS12 between Abetone and Brennero, which follows the same route, with the difference that there is more freedom for stops and detours in neighboring locations. In any case, the length of the trip is relatively short, and if the weather becomes difficult (snowfall is not uncommon in December), it is better to choose the safest solution and drive on the highway.

Christmas markets and all attractions in Bressanone

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Christmas markets in Bressanone

Bressanone (Brixen in German) is located at an altitude of 559 m above sea level and, with its 22,000 inhabitants, is the third most populous center of the autonomous province of Bolzano. The winter season is the one in which it comes alive the most, thanks to the proximity of the various slopes. However, it remains the main attraction of Christmas markets, which attract tourists from all over Italy and beyond.

The village of 'cavallefante', famous for its Christmas markets and

Christmas markets in Bressanone

In the center of Bressanone, between the cathedral, the church of San Michele, and the town hall, the Christmas markets come to life from the end of November to the beginning of January. Characteristic wooden houses offer handicrafts, gastronomic specialties, souvenirs, and curiosities. Not just Christmas consumerism: it is a “green event” that favors seasonal foods, organic ingredients, and 0 km products with organizational management based on recycling and sustainability. On Wednesday, Cathedral Square dominates the Christmas tree among a thousand lights. In short, this is a spectacle in which the South Tyrolean town is transformed into a period in which “we are all better” and we are looking for the most beautiful gifts for our loved ones!

The village of 'cavallefante', famous for its Christmas markets and

Hofburg Nativity Collection

Christmas is a specialty of Bressanone, and it shows a nativity scene collection set up in the Hofburg (Piazza Palazzo Vescovile 2, entrance €10), the former bishop’s palace. It is located in this building, the Diocesan Museum, which exhibits the “Treasure of the Cathedral of Bressanone” and valuable works of art from the Middle Ages to the 20th century.

The village of 'cavallefante', famous for its Christmas markets and

In search of ‘Cavallefante’

The Cathedral of Santa Maria it’s a must-see, especially in a town like Bressanone, which has historically been a destination for papal trips. In addition to the architectural value of this structure, built in the 12th century in the Romanesque style, there is one special curiosity. Under one vault can be seen a painted animal with the appearance of a horse and an elephant’s trunk, commonly known as a “cavallefante.”. The artists of the time, who were to depict the battle of Eleazar, in which the Syrians attacked Israel with elephants, could not imagine an exotic animal that no one had seen before; they chose as a model the largest animal they knew (the horse) and added the characteristics of the elephant known through oral narratives.

How would they represent a motorcycle that is like a horse with a motor?


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