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This park has been transformed into the home of the 7 dwarfs: it’s magic

We travel for many reasons, we do it to explore wild and unknown masterpieces, to reach iconic places and architectural monuments that have become symbols of entire cities and countries, and to immerse ourselves in local culture and traditions. We do it to visit galleries, museums, and places of learning and also to get to all those parks and gardens where due to human intervention nature can explode in all its glory.

park has been transformed into the home of the 7 dwarfs

And we want to take you to exactly one of these places today, to the Park of Wonders, which over the years has turned into an essential destination for visitors to Croatia. We are talking about Parco Angiolina, an evocative and fascinating gem located in the coastal town of Opatija, which in Italian is called Abbey, which is home to hundreds of plant species from around the world.

park has been transformed into the home of the 7 dwarfs

It is in these green lungs of the city that it is located among picturesque paths, bushes, and colorful flowers a forest that has undergone a temporary spell. It turned into the home of the 7 dwarfs and their friends. The magic will last throughout the Christmas holidays.

A wonderland that has fallen under the spell

Organizing a trip to Croatia is always a great idea, at any time of the year and in any season. The Eastern European country with a partial view of the Adriatic Sea is a concentration of natural, cultural, and historical wonders that enchant with every kilometer driven. There are so many things to do and places to visit, Opatija being one of them.

It is a famous tourist and seaside resort visited especially in summer. The city has a direct view of the sea and its strategic location makes it possible to live a dream vacation full of relaxation and carefreeness.

park has been transformed into the home of the 7 dwarfs

In addition, Opatija is also known for its beauty Park Angiolinaa garden of plants from all corners, which winds around the villa of the same name from the nineteenth century, which also houses the Croatian Museum of Tourism.

park, one of the most beautiful in the whole country, is home to a wide variety of flower species that present themselves in every season. The camellia, which thrives here, has become a symbol of the city. In addition to this specimen, we find American fir, Himalayan cypress, Aralia, and 150 other species.

This urban green lung, as we assumed, is always worth a visit, at any time of the year. However, it is now his ways were enchanted. During the Advent period until January 7th, it is possible to experience a very special encounter with magical creatures! The 7 dwarves and their friends decided to move here temporarily.

park has been transformed into the home of the 7 dwarfs

Parco Angiolina: A Fairytale Christmas

If you are thinking of arranging a trip to Croatia during the holidays, then you cannot fail to include a stop in Opatija in your travel itinerary. After arriving in the city, you can visit the Angiolina park, which shone with magic during this period.

park has been transformed into the home of the 7 dwarfs

They have thousands of lights lit up the garden, the pavilions, and the fascinating villa, and the entire park has been transformed into a stage for musical shows that will alternate until January 7. But it is only by entering the dense lush paths of the area you will be able to touch the magic first hand.

Walking through the park, you get to a green forest where strange creatures live. This is the 7 dwarfs and their friends who decided to move here temporarily, maybe while waiting for Snow White, or maybe because they weren’t immune to the garden’s magic either. The fact is that their presence has turned Parco Angiolina into a fairy tale that must be experienced.


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