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Traffic police: in 2023 +26% of offenses, 35 thousand licenses withdrawn

Positive numbers from the report on POLICE about the activities carried out in 2023: in the face of greater numbers of management and violations found, which among other things led to the withdrawal of approximately 35,000 driver’s licenses the number of detected accidents as well as the number of victims and injuries as a result of accidents decreased.


Specifically, in 2023, the traffic police employed 425,261 patrol officers who checked 1,934,385 people and 1,791,320 violations, +26% compared to 2022. This activity led to a slight decrease in detected traffic accidents, which increased from 45,387 to 44,778 (-1.34%). The cost reduction figure is more significant accidents with dead people, which increased from 521 to 449 (-13.82%), and the number of victims (495, -17.1%). The data on the drop in prices by -3.9% is also positive. accidents with injury which fell from 16,402 in 2022 to 15,760 in 2023 (-2.7%), and people who suffered injuries (from 25,374 to 24,701, -2.65%).


After the checks carried out by the Polstrada men, excessive speed confirmed herself as the main person responsible for the accidents and made the records of 739,704 offenses (far more than the 421,973 detected in 2022), of which 372,532 were detected on 176 motorway sections, 1,670 km, through the use of Tutor systems.

Drivers checked by breath analyzers and precursors were 640,044, of which 13,594 were fined for driving under the influence of alcohol, while 1,300 people were reported for driving under the influence of drugs. There were 831 vehicles seized for confiscation.

More generally, the control activity made this possible to remove 34,315 driver’s licenses and 43,187 registration cards, with a reduction of almost 3 million driver’s license points (2,992,834 to be exact).

The controls carried out in this sector were also intensive professional transport total of 22,254 inspected heavy vehicles, during which 17,089 offenses were confirmed and 269 licenses and 616 registration cards were withdrawn.

Finally, the activity of judicial police carried out by the men and women of the traffic police led to the arrest of 642 people and the release of another 14,933 at large. Over three and a half tons of narcotics and 446 recycled vehicles were seized.

Traffic police in 2023


In addition to the activity on the road, the traffic police checked 4,193 public enterprises of which 1,404 were car repair shops, 996 dealers, 526 driving schools, 472 body shops, 412 driving schools, 79 car demolitions and 304 other businesses, with 1,989 violations were found. Also on the front prevention, Polstrada has continuously been involved in initiatives aimed at raising awareness of the dangers of incorrect or risky behavior on the roads. Prevention remains the preferred way to combat traffic accidents which is the leading cause of death for young people under 30. Prevention should be carried out not only through general control measures but also by changing the behavior of drivers. In this regard, the traffic police met more than 200,000 young people during various preventive actions. road safety education projects and educational activities.


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