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Gastronomic Delights in Merano – Unveiling the Culinary Haven in 2023

Welcome to Merano, the haven for food enthusiasts, boasting the highest concentration of top-tier restaurants in all of Italy.

Culinary Maestros of Merano, Tirolo, Lagundo, Tesimo, Castelbello, and Appiano:

Gerhard Wieser – A Symphony of Flavors

With an impressive accolade of 2 Michelin stars, 5 caps, and 19 Gault Millau points, Gerhard Wieser’s “Trenkerstube” in Tyrol near Merano is a culinary gem. The restaurant’s remarkable blend of South Tyrolean and Mediterranean flavors has earned it a reputation as a gastronomic masterpiece. Additionally, its recognition with 16/20 points in the Espresso Guide further solidifies its status as a top dining destination
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Andrea Fenoglio – Pioneering Fusion Culinary Artistry

In Merano, the renowned “Sissi” by Andrea Fenoglio stands out with its prestigious accolades, including 1 Michelin star, 3 blades, 16.5 Gault Millau points, and an impressive 15/20 Espresso Guide rating. Nestled in the heart of the city, Sissi captivates diners with its innovative culinary creations, showcasing a harmonious fusion of flavors and techniques. Led by Chef Andrea Fenoglio, the restaurant offers a gastronomic experience that transcends traditional boundaries, inviting guests to embark on a journey of culinary exploration. With its distinctive blend of culinary styles and meticulous attention to detail, Sissi continues to delight and impress both locals and visitors alike, earning its place as a top dining destination in Merano

Jörg Trafoier – The Modern Alchemist

Located in Castelbello near Naturno, “Kuppelrain” under the helm of Jörg Trafoier boasts a well-deserved reputation, adorned with 1 Michelin star, 3 caps, and an impressive 17 Gault Millau points. The kitchen showcases a blend of modernity and regional authenticity, sourcing fresh ingredients like strawberries, asparagus, apricots, and flowers from Val Venosta. These locally sourced elements form the foundation of Kuppelrain’s innovative culinary creations, which push the boundaries of traditional cuisine.

Chef Jörg Trafoier’s meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence shines through in every dish, offering diners a unique and memorable gastronomic experience. With its combination of culinary prowess and a focus on regional produce, Kuppelrain continues to captivate discerning palates and solidify its position as a top dining destination in the region.

Anna Matscher – Preserving South Tyrolean Tradition

In Tesimo near Lana, “Zum Löwen” by Anna Matscher radiates with 1 Michelin star, 3 blades, 17 Gault Millau points, and an admirable 15.5/20 Espresso Guide points. The restaurant pays homage to South Tyrolean tradition, showcasing its beauty in every culinary creation.

Herbert Hintner – Culinary Symphony at “Zur Rose”

Nestled in Appiano, “Zur Rose” helmed by Herbert Hintner epitomizes haute cuisine. Boasting 1 Michelin star, 3 blades, 17/20 Gault Millau points, 88/100 Gambero Rosso points, and 17/20 Guida Espresso points, the restaurant seamlessly blends traditional South Tyrolean flavors with the lightness of Mediterranean cuisine. Led by Chef Herbert Hintner, Zur Rose offers a culinary journey that celebrates the region’s rich culinary heritage while embracing the freshness and vibrancy of Mediterranean ingredients. With its impeccable credentials and commitment to culinary excellence, Zur Rose continues to enchant diners with its innovative dishes and warm hospitality, establishing itself as a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts in Appiano and beyond.

Luis Haller – Minimalist Culinary Wizardry

In Lagundo, Schlosswirt Forst, Luis Haller’s “Luislstube” boasts 1 Michelin star, 3 caps, and 16.5 Gault Millau points. With an innovative approach, Haller relies on a minimalist philosophy, employing only 3 or 4 carefully chosen ingredients in each recipe to craft entirely new culinary experiences.

Egon Heiss – Alpine Gastronomic Extravaganza

Egon Heiss, with his 1 Michelin star, graces the gourmet restaurant “Prezioso” in Hotel Castel Fragsburg. Measured and creative, the restaurant presents a rich Alpine cuisine, emphasizing regionality, quality, and health.

Alessandro Bellingeri – A Culinary Journey Beyond Borders

In Appianus, Alessandro Bellingeri’s “Osteria Acquarol” shines with 1 Michelin star. The restaurant curates several dishes using high-quality products from small local producers, offering a world of flavors that transcends the confines of South Tyrol and Italy, all within the ambiance of a modern tavern.

A Tapestry of Gourmet Offerings Around Merano

With 8 gourmet establishments weaving a gastronomic tapestry around Merano, the culinary journey promises to be a delight for the senses. For those seeking an extraordinary dining experience, reservations are just a click away.


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