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At an altitude of 2,000 meters between the peaks of the Valtellina, there are two twin lakes that radically change their appearance depending on the season.

Valtellina is a land of deep traditions linked to the Camun civilization and charming landscape. Just think of Bormio, a spa town that the Romans already understood how to value, but also a borderland where the imposing peaks of the Alps offer glimpses of rare beauty that change from season to season. Just like two small artificial pans, ie Cancano which is located near the historical Brother Towers, ancient examples of military architecture from the end of the 14th century. A place rich in symbolism where you can enjoy a motorcycle ride that is as short as it is intense and able to give emotions that will stay in your eyes and soul. shall we leave

Cancano Lake by motorbike. Itinerary



Let’s start with Bormio, a spa town in Valtellina, where you can start in style with a pleasant bath in these healthy waters known since ancient Rome. We leave the city and take SS38 up to the junction with the SS301 which we follow around Premedia up to Turri Piano. Here we leave the SS301 and take the mountain road marked with brown signs that leads us a few kilometers away from Cancano Lake. The route is paved, but the road conditions are not always optimal, so it is important to pay special attention. Immediately after the ticket office, the hairpin begins to bend and the climb increases. At the top, we come across the Fraele Towers, from which we can admire the nineteen bends we passed. If we continue along the path, we will come to Lake Scale (where sport fishing is carried out), Lake Cancano, AND Lake San Giacomo. They are the main natural attraction of the area and of this motorbike trip to Torri di Fraele. We can visit Lake San Giacomo Church of San Giacomo di Fraelerebuilt after the opening of the dam, dating from the 13th century. The border with Switzerland is about two kilometers from Lake San Giacomo. For those who want to achieve Livigno, there is no direct route (the area is rough). It is convenient to return to Bormio and take the SS301 again, which passes through Foscagno Pass.

Exploration of the last frontier of Italy’s Dolomites

laghi di cancano 159830807Lake Cancano in a wonderful winter setting

The Lake Scale is the first lake you come across, has no inflows or outflows, and is fed by internal springs. But swimming is prohibited here. The second tank is artificial Lake Cancano whose dam can be explored by motorbike and from which several photographs can be taken. There is a third lake on the way Lake San Giacomo. Entrance to the Cancano Valley for motorized vehicles is subject to the payment of a daily ticket of 5 euros. You can pick it up at the ticket office, which is located just before the beginning of the hairpin turns; Alternatively, you can pay at one of the digital totems nearby.

Fraele Towers, from Customs to Defence

“12 denarii for every load carried” was the tax set in the Bormonian Statutes of 1516 for crossing the Fraele Valley. The towers were part of the fortifications built along the Fraele Pass precisely to protect the passage of travelers. The pass was also known as the “Passo delle Scale” because there were wooden steps that rested on the steep rock below and facilitated passage, or prevented it if necessary. Lookouts were also used to broadcast signals in case of danger. Today they have been restored thanks to the contribution of the Valtellina law.

Cancano dams, witnesses of industrial development

There are two dams near Cancano Lakes. The first dates from 1922; when it became operational, the waters of the upper Adda River could be used to generate hydropower. That is why it was built in 1928 Rašín power plant in Isolaccia. A major technological advance that has had a significant impact on the environment. However, in 1939, due to intensive industrial development, it was decided to build another barrier, the so-called Saint James of France. The new lake flooded the first dam and the buildings that grew up on its banks over the years.

Where to eat nearby

pizzoccheri 1899405154Pizzoccheri, made from buckwheat flour, is a typical specialty of Valtellina

Everything is beautiful, but where to eat? Between one lake and another, we must also consider a refreshment stage. Here are three places much loved by expert local patrons.

  • Baita de l’All (Via della Mola, Valdidentro) is 7 kilometers from the lakes. The warm alpine environment of the past offers traditional Italian and Lombard cuisine. The highlight of the menu is meat, but there are also dishes for vegetarians.
  • Pizzeria Rosengarden (Via Nazionale 54/B, Valdidentro) is 3.6 kilometers from our destination. The menu will satisfy all tastes: from pizza to fish to Lombard tradition. The restaurant is the choice of TripAdvisor travelers for 2020.
  • Rasiga (Via Guglielmo Marconi 6, Bormio) is a restaurant that offers typical Valtellina cuisine in the center of Bormio. Pizzoccheri, polenta, and game specialties are not missing here for food that will certainly refresh the stomach as well as the spirit.


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