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Car charging subscription: A2A increases to almost 41%

After the recent increase of Enel X and Be Charge, A2A electric car charging subscriptions were considered to be among the most affordable on the market. “They were”, precisely because in recent days the Lombard provider has communicated to its customers (not all, read below) a striking tariff increase from 1 December 2023, up to almost 41%. A2A subscribers understandably did not take it well at all, and there are already those on social networks who threaten to cancel the contract, even though the prices of the operators are almost all the same and it is not easy to find a better offer than the others.


In the communication sent by A2A to customers of its mobility services, it is written that the new tariffs are available from December 1, 2023, and will be valid from the first renewal of the subscription after December 15, 2023. It is clear that the option change the menu type (within 4 days from the subscription renewal date) or withdraws from the contract. But let’s see how the numbers have increased A2A tariffs (prices including VAT).

  • Electronic migration Small subscription:

from 16 euros for recharging up to 30 kWh/month to 23 euros for recharging up to 40 kWh/month.

  • E-Moving Medium subscription:

from 29 euros for recharging up to 80 kWh/month to 51 euros for recharging up to 100 kWh/month.

  • Large e-move subscription:

from 60 euros for recharging up to 180 kWh/month to 92 euros for recharging up to 200 kWh/month.

  • Extra Large Electronic Moving Subscription:

from 90 euros for recharging up to 280 kWh/month to 122 euros for recharging up to 320 kWh/month.

As can be seen, due to the increase in monthly tariffs, there has been an increase in the amount of kWh available, but not enough to offset the increase. For example, an E-moving Medium subscription used to be expensive at 0.3625 euros per kWh while it now stands at 0.51 euros per kWh with an increase of almost +41%.

We remind you that these subscriptions allow you to top up the entire network of public charging stations (as shown in the A2A E-moving app and on the e-moving.it website), up to the maximum monthly amount of each offer.


We said that at the beginning The December 2023 A2A increase is not for everyone and actually who have a supply of electricity and/or gas with A2A Energia on the open market, already active or in the process of activation, get access to much more favorable rates:

  • Electronic moving Small subscription for A2A Energia customers:

21 euros (instead of 23) for recharging up to 40 kWh/month.

  • E-moving Medium subscription for A2A Energia customers:

36 euros (instead of 51) euros for recharging up to 100 kWh/month.

  • Electronic moving Large subscription for A2A Energia customers:

66 euros (instead of 92) for recharging up to 200 kWh/month.

  • Extra large e-move subscription for A2A Energia customers:

106 euros (instead of 122) for charging up to 320 kWh/month.

The strategy to retain the largest possible number of customers is evident even given the end of the protected market home + mobility packages are still very affordable, while for customers outside A2A Energia (electricity and/or gas), the situation is changing and the increase, especially for the aforementioned E-moving Medium subscription, is quite substantial. However, thanks to this mirror Fr forumelettrico.it updated 1/12, p rate comparison of the major operators that offer monthly subscriptions with kWh at a fixed price, it should be noted that A2A’s large and extra large offers, despite the increase, remain among the most comfortable on the market.

comparison of electric car charging rates


Many A2A customers have reacted badly to be announced increase in subscription prices and a promise to change the operator at the first opportunity (just look at social networks and specialized forums and read the reactions). Then some talk about ‘sign” and compare prices between different operators and there is a segment of customers”resigned” to the idea that increases are everywhere and therefore to be expected. However, those who drive a lot of kilometers with an electric car emphasize that the offers with the largest amount of kWh available remain competitive even after the price increase. The fact remains that this is still an increase and that is never good news for consumers.


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