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VW ID.3 in the Moose test: two opposite and unexpected reactions

The VW ID.3 is one of those cars with a dual personality: the km77 moose test video shows what changes when you hit an obstacle to avoid.

PUSH VW ID.3 IN moose test reveals two personalities another when you face a sudden obstacle to avoid, depending on the level of regenerative braking. A video of a moose test on the ID.3 created by the Spanish magazine Km77, which specializes in tests and road tests, shows how the German electric car behaves. IN Test ID.3 unexpected reactions occur, which in some cases require experience behind the wheel. Here’s what the moose test is all about and what speed Volkswagen ID.3 is falling apart in an emergency maneuver.


The moose test (or Moose test) is performed according to ISO 3888-2 standard. In simpler terms, the test driver behind the wheel of the test car drives at a constant test speed. When it reaches the point marked by the cone suddenly swerves to avoid an obstacle, which could be another car or a wild animal. Before driving, the driver takes his foot off the accelerator and the evasive maneuver takes place only with the help of the steering wheel and without any other command, but with the ESP safety system active. Management takes place in two stages:

  • avoiding obstacles, performed at increasingly high speed in various tests. This is to check the limit at which the steering, suspension, chassis, and tires allow manageable control even in the face of an unexpected obstacle;
  • return to the original trajectory(3-meter wide corridor of cones) without the need for excessive corrections of the steering wheel and without collapsing the cones. They can occur in the case of oversteer (a tendency to spin) or understeer (the front wheels slide sideways and the car widens its trajectory), both behaviors of a car that has reached its stability limits;

Except for the moose test, Volkswagen ID.3 was also put to the test in a slalom between cones at a constant speed. In this test, the rollover tendency (the car is lying on its side) is irritated to push the grip of the tires to the limit. Here’s how the two got on tests on the Volkswagen ID.3 in the video below.


IN test PUSH VW ID.3 It is equipped with summer tires Continental EcoContact 6 in measurement 215/45 R20. A first try without knowing the reactions will almost always bring out the best or worst in a car. Test ID.3 was performed in Mode D (less regenerative braking) and B (greater regenerative braking). There is a difference of 7 km/h between the two settings on the exit from the cones. “With that driving mode B we expected the car to slow down more and therefore a greater ease when being put back on the original trajectory” – explains the magazine. Regarding the reactions of the rear wheels instead, “We didn’t expect that at every turn It’s like applying the handbrake. The rear part reacts more intensively until oversteer occurs.” “While v Mode Drear axle faithfully follows the trajectory file”. “It feels like a different car, more agile but also more difficult to control.”


PUSH VW ID.3 doesn’t have many secrets in the moose test: “He’s one of them. easy to drive cars in this test”reports a Spanish magazine. “In addition, it has a small advantage that proves itself in everyday driving: it has a turning radius that allows you to turn 10.3 meters compared to an average of 10.6 mu of equivalent models”.


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