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Christmas outfit 2023: what shoes to wear and match

There are a few days left until the countdown and the start of the big tour of Christmas dinners and lunches is just around the corner. What to expect? Lots of food, lots of chatter, some gifts, and different outfits that will amaze your relatives and friends. How to dress isn’t the only Hamlet dilemma to be resolved, it’s one of the toughest style challenges what shoes go with your Christmas outfit in 2023?

Something comfortable and warm, against the cold temperatures, or a jeweled sandal to brighten up the look? A low but elegant shoe like loafers lace-ups, or stilettos that anticipate your click-heel entrance? 5 last-minute suggestions for every style and wardrobe.

Lace-ups and moccasins for a traditional Christmas

The clothes displayed during the Christmas season are mixed current trends you are a great wardrobe for classic holidays. designing looks where tartan and red jumpers are paired with sequined skirts or wide-leg trousers.

what's in fashion  Trends 20. autumn winter 23.-24.  in the video

It is a match made of contrasts where just a pair of lace-ups, monk straps, or moccasins can get everyone to agree. Black people in shiny leather or shades of Burgundy or green pine, worn with thin Lisle Scottish Socks inspired by Manish style.

Christmas outfit 2023

Outfit from Paris fashion shows.

Sandals with socks, like that

Christmas 2023 will be an ideal opportunity to experiment with all those outfits saved in your mood boards or put aside for better occasions. The most refined, but at the same time comfortable and cozy ensembles are shown, such as coordinated knitted sets, long cashmere dresses, or woolen mini skirts. On your feet? These sandals with extra character which goes well with the sparkling spirit of the holidays. Metal, gold or silver or Red fire, with sparkling details or textures sprinkled with stones: thanks to the combination with high socks (also approved by the stars). In contrast, in the pendant, the figure will be a style that can elevate even the most basic look at the last minute.

come vestirsi a natale 2023 GettyImages 1383278417

It-girl Emili Sindlev outside the Miu Miu show at PFW.

Ugg all about comfort

If Christmas 2023 is all about comfort, there’s only one shoe you can wear proudly: Uggs. Hot and now fashion-approved are suitable for a casually elegant look inspired by the ones we’ve seen in recent months on TikTok. Baggy jeans jumper sweet life AND blazer observation: nothing more is needed. if not viral add-ons such as earrings and a 90s-style hair band, which can also be replaced with a sweet red and green Christmas-themed bow.

come vestirsi a natale 2023 GettyImages 1457140978

Stylish look with Ugg.

High boots for all occasions

Their fame precedes them: the shoes are big winter mats. If you want them to be bolder and become the real protagonists of your Christmas outfits, simply choose them in colors or designs that can attract attention. Rossi or burgundy, according to trends, or from very high leg perfect to wear with a 60s mini dress. Or again Texans for a country-chic touch, or equestrian classics with a metal clamp that gives a light spot.

Christmas outfit 2023

Red shoes for Christmas?

Friulane, a charming alternative to slippers

Lunch or dinner at home with the obligation to wear unsightly slippers save parquet floors? Better not to be caught off guard and bring your pair of Friulans from home.

Christmas outfit 2023

Friuli in parquet-proof Christmas clothes.

Low but inside velvet camouflage their practicality and comfort with a sophisticated charm. They are available in all possible colors, so they can be easily matched with your chosen outfit and the right style compromise.


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