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The new Viaggiare Sicuri app so you can leave in complete safety

Discover the enhanced Viaggiare Sicuri experience with the revamped Safe Travel app by Farnesina. Unveiling a new look and user-friendly interface, this app, endorsed by Alberto Angela, ensures a secure yet adventurous holiday. Access vital destination information, receive timely risk warnings, and follow five essential travel rules for a worry-free journey. Stay informed, stay safe, and embark on your international exploration with confidence.

The new Viaggiare Sicuri app

Unveiling the Enhanced Viaggiare Sicuri Experience

Embarking on a journey abroad, especially beyond the borders of the European Union, necessitates a meticulous evaluation of your destination’s security. The first and foremost consideration should be departing with a sense of tranquility. Addressing this concern, the Farnesina crisis unit has introduced its revamped app, designed to equip travelers with all the essential information for a serene holiday, all while embracing the spirit of adventure. This innovative solution, named Travel Safely, has undergone a transformative update, featuring a fresh appearance and enhanced user-friendliness. Let’s delve deeper into this enhanced travel companion.

The new Viaggiare Sicuri app

The All-New Safe Travel App

Farnesina proudly presents its latest offering, the Safe Travel app, now endorsed by the distinguished Alberto Angela. With his expertise, who better to underscore the beauty of discovering the world? The primary focus here is not just exploration but doing so in a secure manner by taking necessary precautions. The app, formerly known as Viaggiare Sicuri, has evolved significantly. This transformation introduces new features, simplified user interfaces, and aesthetically pleasing graphics to provide a seamless experience.

The new Viaggiare Sicuri app

In essence, this app is indispensable for anyone planning an international sojourn, offering a comprehensive repository of information. The functionality is straightforward: users can access vital information about their destination by selecting the respective country. Receive timely warnings about various risks—ranging from health and political to natural hazards—allowing you to anticipate potential challenges and ensure your safety. This app, mirroring the content of the Viaggiare Sicuri website, becomes a convenient and essential tool accessible on your smartphone. However, this isn’t the sole means to embark on a worry-free journey.

Tips for Serene Travel

Farnesina has advocated for these guidelines during the holiday season, a time when many Italians embark on journeys. Here are five rules for safe travel, collaboratively crafted with tourism associations Aidit, Assoviaggi, Fiavet, the Federation of Organized Tourism, and Mavi, offering vital insights into utilizing the crisis unit’s services.

The new Viaggiare Sicuri app
  1. Provide your contact number to travel agents: Facilitate seamless communication, ensuring you can be reached in case of any problems.
  2. Consult the Safe Travel website for destination information: Gain a thorough understanding of potential risks before reaching your destination.
  3. Register your tour on the “Where we are in the world” portal: Signal your presence abroad, enabling Farnesina to locate you in emergencies.
  4. Download the Crisis Department’s Safe Travel app: Stay updated on potential dangers in your visited country, all conveniently accessible on your smartphone.
  5. Thoroughly review your travel contract with your agent: Starting your journey with the right awareness is essential for a smooth and secure experience.
The new Viaggiare Sicuri app

In conclusion, embracing these guidelines and utilizing technological tools ensures not just a secure but also an enriching travel experience. The amalgamation of information, technology, and strategic guidelines paves the way for worry-free and memorable journeys.


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