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Closure of RZ 18 Var Cilentana in Ceraso: alternative routes

From Wednesday 27.12.2023 Cilento variant of SS 18 Tirrena Inferiore, which connects Paestum with Policastro Bussentino’s CLOSED as a precaution close Ceraso for technical knowledge Acquarulo viaduct on which is an anomaly on the expansion joint of the infrastructure. Who has to travel RZ 18 Varat this time very popular also to visit the Christmas markets in the area, so it is necessary to make a detour, let’s see what alternative routes.


They take place, therefore, on Acquarulo viaduct state road 18 of the Cilento variant, then those technical controls by Anas employees and a commissioned specialized engineering firm, also with the help of the bybridge platform. As already mentioned, the checks started on December 27, during the normal surveillance activity of road infrastructure as an anomaly corresponding to the expansion joint of the viaduct which is located at km 142,000 in the municipality of Ceraso, in the province of Salerno, which required the closure of the road section between the intersection Vallo della Lucania (km 136,100) and that from Massiles (150,000 km).


Investigations conducted on Thursday, December 28, 2023, pointed to one wound placed on the pulvinum of pile No. 5. The injury requires the execution of a restoration intervention for which preparatory surveys are already being carried out with current in-depth activities to start design which will also contain a definition of appropriate construction site because of the complex location of the work (for those who do not know it, it is a viaduct with seven fields and above 50 meters above the ground, which is located in a high mountain area approximately 400 meters above sea level). The conclusion of the proposal will allow us to define the timetable for some jobs. In short, my nose no fast times are expected for the reopening of the viaduct.


Display closure of SS 18 Var Cilentana between Vallo della Lucania and Massicelle for arriving motorists from Salerno the mandatory exit is precisely in Vallo della Lucania, while for those who arrive from Sapri exit is Massicelle-Montano Antilia. However, passage is guaranteed for residents of Futani and for those who need to get to Cuccaro Vetere and Ceraso up to the barrier in the San Vito tunnel. In detail:

  • vehicles coming from Salerno and going to Cuccaro Vetere, Futani, Montano Antilia, and Sapri: mandatory exit at the Vallo della Lucania junction from RZ 18 Var Cilentana, continue on the regional road ex SS 18/SP 143/SP 143 var and return to RZ 18 Var Cilentana at the Massicelle/Montano Antilia junction;
  • vehicles coming from Salerno and going to Ceraso and vice versa: they can continue along the RZ 18 Var Cilentana until the Ceraso intersection, which remains open only in the direction to and from Salerno;
  • vehicles coming from Sapri and going to Ceraso, Vallo della Lucania, and Salerno: mandatory exit at the junction Massicelle/Montano Antilia from RZ 18 Var Cilentana, continue on the regional road ex SS 18/SP 143/SP 143 var and return to RZ 18 var Cilentana at the junction Vallo della Lucania;
  • vehicles coming from Sapri and going to Futani and Cuccaro Vetere: they can continue along RZ 18 Var Cilentana up to the junctions Futani and Cuccaro Vetere, which remain open only towards Sapri and from Sapri.

Following these changes, overtaking and overtaking are prohibited for all motor vehicles maximum permitted speed of 20 km/h approaching section closure in both directions.


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