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Xiaomi SU7 – From smartphones to cars: the gauntlet to Porsche is thrown down

Chinese tech brand Xiaomi has unveiled its first electric car, the SU7 sports sedan. Although it is not the first smartphone manufacturer to decide to launch itself into the automotive market (there are also Sony, Apple, and Huawei), Xiaomi is the first of these companies to have presented a definitive model, ready to debut already in the first half next year. The intentions to do well in the various global markets are all there: during the EV Technology Launch, the brand’s CEO, Lei Jun, underlined how the SU7 “must be a success”. On the other hand, Xiaomi has allocated a whopping 10 billion dollars spread over a decade for its new automotive section.

E-segment sedan. Just under five meters long (4,997 mm), with a wheelbase of exactly three meters, the Xiaomi SU7 is 1,963 mm wide, 1,440 mm high, and boasts very careful active aerodynamics, with a Cd of just 0.195. As well as being spacious, the passenger compartment will be particularly bright, thanks to the panoramic glass roof (shielded against UV rays) with a surface area of ​​5.35 square meters. The turning circle is 11.4 meters. The trunk has a maximum capacity of 517 liters, to which another 105 liters are added in the front frunk, 21 more than the 84 offered by the Porsche Taycan, a model used by Xiaomi as a yardstick to present the technical data of its new sedan.


True sports performance. When reeling off the technical specifications of the SU7, the comparison with the Porsche Taycan Turbo was not missing:

  • Potenza: 673 CV / 830 Nm (Taycan Turbo: 625 CV / 850 Nm)
  • Top speed: 265 km/h (Taycan Turbo: 260 km/h)
  • 0-100 km/h: 2.78 seconds (Taycan Turbo: 2.93 seconds)
  • 0-200 km/h: 10.67 seconds (Taycan Turbo: 11.05 seconds)
  • 80-120 km/h: 1.61 seconds (Taycan Turbo: 1.95 seconds)
  • Braking from 100 km/h: 33.3 meters (Taycan Turbo: 34 meters)

The brakes are four-piston Brembos, while the car has active aerodynamic and roll management. The pre-set driving modes can be combined with other customized ones, possibly to be shared with other users. On the safety front, Xiaomi has announced that the SU7 has achieved five stars in the tests of the main certification bodies, including Euro Ncap. The Xiaomi Pilot for level 3 assisted driving should be introduced in 2025.

Ultra-fast charging.  The Xiaomi SU7 is built on a new architecture for electric cars developed internally by the Chinese manufacturer, called – not without a hint of presumption – Modena. Equipped with 800 Volt technology, it allows you to recharge 220 km in five minutes, and 390 in just 10 minutes, almost double compared to the Tesla Model S, which can charge “only” 225 in the same period. The battery, housed inside the floor, is produced by Catl and has a usable capacity of 101 kWh, for a declared autonomy of 800 km, 10% more than the Mercedes-Benz EQS (720 km) and the aforementioned Model S ( 715 km).


Like a smartphone. The “beating heart” of the SU7 will be the HyperOS operating system, which aims to offer “an interactive experience entirely similar to that of a smartphone” and which will offer complete integration with the Xiaomi product ecosystem, whether it is the telephone in your pocket or smart home appliances. The dashboard, linear and with essential lines, is dominated by the 16.1″ infotainment screen, under which an original – removable – physical control panel can be applied. In the central console, there are other buttons to control the temperature of the climate control and the speed of the fans, the opening of the spoiler (“to show friends how it works”, says Lei Jun jokingly), and the height from the ground of the air suspension. The latter works in combination with the front cameras to read the roughness of the road (up to 500 meters), anticipate them in time, and adapt to any obstacles.

Smart seats. Sporty and in Nappa leather (black, red, or white), equipped with memory foam cushions, electric adjustments, ventilation, and heating functions, the SU7 seats are connected to the car’s sensors to dynamically modify the side padding based on the changes of direction and restrain the driver’s body. The equipment is completed by dynamic ambient lights and a stereo system with 25 speakers compatible with the Dolby Atmos protocol.


Two versions. The sedan will be available in two versions: the SU7 Max, with two engines and all-wheel drive (with the technical specifications seen above), and the “base” SU7, with a single 299 HP engine at the rear, 0-100 in 5, 28 seconds, top speed of 210 km/h and range of 668 km (battery capacity was not disclosed). A third version could also debut by the end of 2024, with a 150 kWh battery and 1,200 km of autonomy. Three colors are available for all: Aqua Blue, Verdant Green, and Mineral Gray.

Matching phone and watch. To celebrate the launch of the SU7, Xiaomi presented two special versions of the Xiaomi 14 and the Watch 2 Pro smartwatch, in the same Aqua Blue and Verdant Green colors as the machine. Already available, at least on the Chinese market, at the same price as the standard models.


Unknown on the price. The Chinese company has revealed practically every detail of its first car, except the price. We can only imagine, given the constant comparisons with the Porsche Taycan Turbo, that the price list of the more powerful SU7 Max version will be lower than that of the German electric sports car, which costs 169,930 euros. Considering the dimensions, performance, and technological equipment, it would not be surprising if the starting price of the single motor model would be around 100 thousand euros.


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