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How to save on plane, train, and bus tickets: a trick

In recent years, especially after the pandemic, travel has become almost a luxury: prices have risen significantly, especially in the transport sector. However, the solution is not to give up your vacation but rather to learn some tricks so that you can Impose. Among the many tricks, one that is interesting is the departure time. Let’s find out what it is.

How to save on plane, train and bus tickets: a trick

Increase in the prices of air tickets, trains, and buses

COVID has brought the economy to its knees, especially in the tourism sector: recovery was long and difficult and of course, all this could not be reflected in the prices. To all this, we have to add the recent increase in the cost of fuel, which has made transport more expensive. Just think of the record airfares achieved during the Christmas period: moving to/from the Italian islands – in most cases to reunite with families during the holidays – turned out to be quite a chore.

How to save on plane, train and bus tickets: a trick

in all of this, The Italians never gave up travel: our people are the most “stubborn” when it comes to organizing vacations, at the cost of reducing the budget reserved for some comfort, so they can go any way. The most popular is certainly all the useful tricks to save something, such as ‘skip-lagging’ – be careful when using it, as it could prove to be a double-edged sword! But you knew that too the time you choose to travel does it have a strong impact on the final cost? Here’s how to use it to our advantage.

How to save on plane, train and bus tickets: a trick

A trick to save money

We have already seen that booking flights at a certain time of the day allows us to save a lot, but time also affects the price when it comes to the time you depart. AND analysis by Trip.com identified periods in which to travel to spend less. As for the plane, flying early in the morning is much more convenient than the rest of the day: in particular, you should take advantage of the benefits of departure until 9:00 and being able to fly economy – it’s an effort, considering the waiting times necessary to board the plane, but our wallet will benefit from it.

How to save on plane, train and bus tickets: a trick

More and more people are choosing the train instead of the plane to travel short and medium distances more sustainable means of transport and also much more fascinating, which becomes an integral part of the travel experience. Here, too, you may be able to save a little, but in a diametrically opposite way than we have seen so far. Train tickets are more expensive in the morning and evening when many commuters are on the move. The best time to depart is inclusive between noon and 17:00when you can even save up to 33%.

How to save on plane, train and bus tickets: a trick

Finally, how to spend less if you want to use the bus? According to the study, most people who use this means of transport prefer to leave in the late afternoon or evening, often to catch the journey at night and use it to sleep. So we can use hours between 6:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. to move much more comfortably – there will be much fewer tourists on board! – and save on ticket prices. With these tricks, traveling could not only be much more comfortable, but also easier, as you can take advantage of less busy times.


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