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unconventional destinations and set-jetting

Another year is almost over and we’re about to look ahead to 2024: as always, it’s time to make some predictions about what’s in store for next season. What will it be? travel trends who will accompany us? This is revealed by a study conducted by the company Expedia Group, thanks to data collected on its platform and a survey that saw the collaboration of up to 20 thousand tourists from all over the world. Let’s find out what’s new.

unconventional destinations and set-jetting

The ideal destination for 2024

Let’s start with the most chosen destination for next year. After 2023, many travelers will continue to visit places they have already seen in films, TV series, and hit shows: cinema and television are therefore proving to be a strong support for tourism, a phenomenon that has been growing for several years. Our country knows this very well, so much so that in recent months it has even created the “Viaggio in Italia” stamp, a recognition of all those products that have made exports possible Italian beauties worldwide through film.

unconventional destinations and set-jetting

“Travellers continue to be inspired by popular TV shows and movies when choosing destinations set-jetting shows no signs of stopping in 2024,” said Marco Sprizzi, Italy director of Expedia Group. The company’s research highlights this trend again: 53% of travelers said they have booked (or at least already searched online) for a vacation to a specific destination. after watching it on TV or in the cinema. Of course, set-jetting is not the only trend for next year.

New trends in travel

Phenomenon targets fraudsters, but what is it? These are alternative and less frequented destinations, an ideal choice for those who do not like to be among people and have to push themselves to admire the local beauty. Overtourism has recently become a real problem: there are destinations (Venice, for example) that are besieged by tourists. This turns out to be dramatic on several fronts, especially when it comes to sustainability – these places suffer greatly from such a massive presence of visitors.

unconventional destinations and set-jetting

Fortunately, research shows that it is becoming more widespread sensitivity inherent to this problem. Many travelers therefore choose alternative and less conventional destinations for their holidays, often for personal reasons (45% admitted they do so for economic reasons, as they are usually places where prices are significantly lower). 36%, on the other hand, love the option to communicate more with the local culture and 24% ultimately do so to promote more sustainable tourism.

unconventional destinations and set-jetting

The latest trend that has already emerged for 2024 is the trend of dry stumbling: which means dry travel, whereas “dry” means without drinking alcohol. In recent years, many people have opted for a healthier lifestyle without alcohol, others give up drinking at least on vacation to enjoy the experience better. 41% of respondents admitted that they wanted to book a detox trip in the following months. But what are the most interesting offers in this industry? The equipment is adapted to the minibar, which allows a wider selection of non-alcoholic drinks, more popular are experiences such as preparing cocktails – of course non-alcoholic.


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