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Lexus RZ450e: What’s wrong with the moose test?

In the moose test, the Lexus RZ450e proved to be reactive, too much so in certain conditions and therefore can complicate the situation when it hits an obstacle.

PUSH Lexus RZ450e moose test deals not only with that mass (over 2100 kg) but also with one progress control which requires variable driver responses based on driving conditions. The most famous test in the world allows you to verify at what speed an evasive maneuver can get the driver into trouble. The video below from Test Lexus RZ450e was created by the Spanish magazine Km77, which specializes in tests and road tests.


The moose test (or Moose test) is based on ISO 3888-2 standard. The test driver behind the wheel of the car to be tested drives at a constant test speed. When it reaches the point marked by the cone suddenly swerves to avoid an obstacle, which could be another car or a wild animal. Before driving, the driver takes his foot off the accelerator and the evasive maneuver takes place only with the help of the steering wheel and without any other command, but with the ESP safety system active. Management takes place in two stages:

  • avoiding obstacles, performed at increasingly high speed in various tests. This is to check the limit at which the steering, suspension, chassis, and tires allow manageable control even in the face of an unexpected obstacle;
  • return to the original trajectory (3-meter wide corridor of cones) without the need for excessive corrections of the steering wheel and without collapsing the cones. They can occur in the case of oversteer (a tendency to spin) or understeer (the front wheels slide sideways and the car widens its trajectory), both behaviors of a car that has reached its stability limits.

In addition to the moose test, Lexus RZ450e was also put to the test in a slalom between cones at a constant speed. In this test, the tendency to overturn (the car lies on its side) is irritated to push the grip of the tires to the limit. Here’s how it turned out Lexus RZ450e test in the video below.


IN lot tests the Lexus RZ450e is equipped with tires Dunlop SP Sport Maxx 060 (235/50 R20 – 255/45 R20). The first attempt with the minimum energy recovery setting surprised the tester, who was not expecting it immediate steering response neither did the suspension jerk at 76 km/h which did not help to complete the maneuver despite the excellent grip of the tires. After a few tries, there is a contrasting behavior between the precise and reactive steering on one side and the suspension when the car is in maximum lateral support. “They are not comforting. – comments the magazine – they can be perceived from the driver’s seat as fast, sudden, and annoying”. This makes the Lexus RZ450e pass the moose test and only 72 km/h.


Nello slalom between the cones PUSH Lexus RZ450e will convince Spanish colleagues more than the obstacle avoidance test. “The best part is the absence of a role for such a tall car” comments the magazine. “Besides, he has one. Fast driving enables precise steering of the carat least in this test”.


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