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Luiss in London to Present a New Training Model: An Event Between Innovation, Internationalization, and Inter-Disciplinarity

Luiss in London introduces a cutting-edge training approach blending innovation, internationalization, and inter-disciplinarity. Explore our event now!

In the realm of higher education, the quest to nurture a new breed of leaders capable of navigating the complexities of our ever-evolving global landscape is an endeavor of paramount importance. At the forefront of this mission stands Luiss University, with its unwavering commitment to sculpting visionary leaders equipped with the acumen to dissect and thrive in a world characterized by rapid change.

Recently, an illuminating event titled “Ask the World: How Luiss University Educates Future Leaders” unfolded at the Italian Embassy in London, unveiling the intricacies of Luiss’s innovative educational model and its relentless pursuit of excellence. Let us embark on a journey to unravel the essence of this transformative event and delve into the groundbreaking initiatives spearheaded by Luiss University.

Luiss in London


Luiss in London

Luiss in London to Present a New Training Model

In the prestigious QS World University Rankings by Subject 2023, Luiss is ranked 14th in the world and 2nd in the European Union in Political and International Studies, placing the university in the top 50 also in “Business and Management” and “The Law.”. International expansion is also evidenced by agreements signed with more than 311 universities in 65 countries, with 78 double degree or structured partnership programs and more than 3,000 girls and boys involved in international exchange experiences.

Luiss in London

The event aimed to promote the university named after Guido Carli, its educational model, and its international programs, including more than 50% of courses in English, all under the banner of the “three I’s”: internationalization, interdisciplinarity, and innovation. As Luiss Rector Andrea Prencipe explained, “Universities play a key role in redefining the paradigms of higher education.

Our university is a space for constant experimentation in education: interaction with businesses, experts, and more generally with civil society, the contamination of different disciplinary knowledge, and the intersection of cultures of different countries offer students the opportunity to develop and improve the “mindset” that allows them to build a sustainable and inclusive future.”.

Luiss in London

Interdisciplinarity: Fostering Innovation through Collaboration

In an era defined by rapid technological advancements and interdisciplinary synergies, Luiss University stands at the vanguard of fostering collaboration across diverse fields of study. By dismantling traditional silos and promoting the integration of knowledge from disparate disciplines, Luiss cultivates a fertile ground for innovation and transformative thinking.

Through initiatives such as the “Ask the World” event, which convened luminaries from academia, business, and international organizations, Luiss fosters a culture of intellectual exchange and cross-pollination of ideas. This interdisciplinary approach not only enriches the academic experience but also equips students with the adaptive mindset and holistic perspective essential for addressing complex global challenges.

Innovation: Shaping the Future of Education

At the nexus of Luiss University’s educational philosophy lies a relentless pursuit of innovation, driven by a commitment to redefining the paradigms of higher education. By forging strategic partnerships with businesses, experts, and civil society, Luiss transcends the confines of traditional academia, fostering an ecosystem of creativity and entrepreneurship.

Through initiatives such as the ALUISS Executive Vice President, Luiss empowers students to harness the transformative potential of emerging technologies and disruptive ideas. By instilling an ethos of innovation and agility, Luiss prepares its graduates to thrive in an increasingly dynamic and unpredictable world, where resilience and adaptability are paramount.

Testimonials from Trailblazers: Insights from Luiss Alumni

The “Ask the World” event provided a platform for esteemed alumni of Luiss University to share their insights and experiences, offering invaluable guidance to the next generation of leaders. From finance and business to international organizations, Luiss alumni have carved a formidable path, leveraging their education and skills to effect positive change on a global scale. Speakers such as Riccardo Zacconi, co-founder of King and creator of Candy Crush, and Alessandra Vellucci, Director of the United Nations Information Service, exemplify the transformative impact of a Luiss education. Through their testimonials, they underscored the importance of adaptability, resilience, and ethical leadership in confronting the myriad challenges of our interconnected world.

Conclusion: Empowering Future Leaders, Embracing Global Citizenship

In conclusion, the event “Ask the World: How Luiss University Educates Future Leaders” epitomizes the transformative ethos of Luiss University, where innovation, internationalization, and interdisciplinary collaboration converge to shape a new paradigm of education. As Luiss Rector Andrea Prencipe aptly stated, universities play a pivotal role in redefining the contours of higher education, serving as crucibles of innovation and social change. Through its pioneering educational model and unwavering commitment to excellence, Luiss University emerges as a beacon of hope, empowering a new generation of leaders to navigate the complexities of our globalized world with courage, compassion, and vision.


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