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The Christmas you don’t expect: a magical itinerary

From November 25 to January 6, the provinces of Pesaro and Urbino in the Marche region come alive with the spirit of Christmas, unveiling a magical itinerary that surpasses all expectations. “The Christmas You Don’t Expect” stands as the largest network of magical Christmas holidays in Italy, weaving together over one hundred events across more than twenty enchanting locations. As the historic towns and villages light up with festive hues, this six-week extravaganza promises an exciting experience, offering everything from typical markets and quality crafts to traditional food and wine, living nativity scenes, fairytale landscapes, snowfall, and a myriad of animations, shows, workshops, musicians, and storytellers. With sparkling lights adorning the streets, this grand-scale event beckons tens of thousands of visitors from Italy and beyond, marking the most beautiful and anticipated period of the year.

The Magic of Marche: A Christmas Journey Like No Other

**1. Candles in Candelabra on Fan

The enchantment begins with the magic of candles in Candelabra on Fan, where the historic center transforms into a mesmerizing display of lights. The soft glow of candles creates a magical ambiance, inviting visitors to stroll through the charming streets adorned with festive decorations.

**2. A Magical Christmas on Fossombrone

Fossombrone takes center stage with a dazzling light show, turning the town into a spectacle of colors and brilliance. The entire landscape becomes a canvas of twinkling lights, setting the stage for an unforgettable Christmas experience.

**3. Magic in Jesus’ Castle in Fronto

Fronto witnesses the return of magic in Jesus’ Castle, where the historic surroundings are infused with the spirit of Christmas. The castle becomes a focal point for festivities, attracting locals and visitors alike to partake in the joyous celebrations.


**4. Christmas Village in Mombaroccio

In Mombaroccio, the ancient village undergoes a magical transformation into a Christmas village. The streets come alive with stalls offering festive delights, crafts, and traditional treats. The village radiates warmth and merriment, making it a must-visit destination during the holiday season.

**5. The Most Beautiful Christmas in Mondolfo

Mondolfo claims the title of the most beautiful Christmas in the most beautiful village. The town captivates with its picturesque setting and festive atmosphere, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the magic of the season.

**6. Christmas Castle in Gradara

Gradara, known for its historical castle, sees the return of Christmas magic. The castle serves as a backdrop for a winter wonderland, where visitors can explore the charm of the village and its festive offerings.

7. Pergola: The City of Gilded Bronzes

Pergola, renowned as the city of gilded bronzes, decks its halls for Christmas. The town becomes a hub of holiday activities, blending its cultural heritage with the festive spirit, creating an immersive experience for all.

**8. Warmth in the Fir Forest—Cioccovisciola

For a unique and delightful experience, Cioccovisciola welcomes visitors to a fir forest filled with warmth. The festival, celebrating chocolate and cherries, offers a sensory journey through delectable treats and festive delights.

**9. Historic Center of Urbino

Urbino, a UNESCO heritage site, unfolds Nativity Street within its historic center. Artistic nativity scenes from around the world adorn the streets, creating a visual feast for visitors. The town embraces the holiday spirit with a unique blend of tradition and creativity.

**10. Public Holiday Befana in Urbania

Urbania hosts one of Italy’s most beautiful and longest-lasting festivals – the Public Holiday Befana. The town comes alive with celebrations, parades, and traditional festivities, attracting crowds eager to partake in this iconic event.


Beyond the Highlights: Magic Across the Region

While the highlighted towns and villages offer a spectacular Christmas experience, many other evocative locations in the area contribute to the magic. These include Terre Roveresche, Cagli, Canavaccio of Urbino, Fermignano, Montecchio di Vallefoglia, Montefelcino, Montemaggiore al Metauro, Colli al Metauro, Cagli screen, Piobbico, San Costanzo, Sassocorvaro, Auditore, and Serrungarina from Colli al Metauro. Each of these places weaves its tale of magic, offering charitable initiatives, nighttime walks, plays, laboratories, choirs with hundreds of children, thematic historical reconstructions, and much more.

Charitable Initiatives: Spreading Magic and Luck

Many of the evocative villages and towns in the Marche region embrace the spirit of giving during the Christmas season. Charitable initiatives, aimed at both adults and children, become a focal point of the festivities. From fundraising events to walks at night for a cause, these initiatives add a layer of meaning to the celebrations, fostering a sense of community and goodwill.

Thematic Historical Reconstructions: A Glimpse into the Past

To transport visitors back in time, several locations offer thematic historical reconstructions. These immersive experiences allow guests to witness scenes from the past, offering a unique blend of entertainment and education. From medieval markets to Renaissance-inspired festivities, these reconstructions add a touch of historical authenticity to the Christmas celebrations.

Workshops and Laboratories: Unleashing Creativity

Christmas is a time for creativity and imagination, and the Marche region ensures that visitors of all ages can partake in workshops and laboratories. From crafting sessions to interactive activities, these events engage the community and encourage the unleashing of creativity. Children and adults alike can immerse themselves in the joy of creating unique holiday-themed crafts.

Choirs and Musicians: Harmonizing the Festivities

No Christmas celebration is complete without the harmonious melodies of choirs and musicians. Across the region, hundreds of children and talented artists come together to fill the air with enchanting tunes. Whether it’s traditional carols or festive compositions, the musical performances add a layer of joy and merriment to the overall experience.


Conclusion: A Grand Finale to the Christmas You Don’t Expect

In conclusion, the Christmas you don’t expect in the Marche region is a grand tapestry of magic, tradition, and joy. From the captivating lights of Candelabra on Fan to the historic Nativity Street in Urbino, each town and village contributes to the enchanting journey through a festive wonderland. The charitable initiatives, historical reconstructions, workshops, and musical performances add depth and meaning to the celebrations, creating an immersive experience for visitors of all ages.

As the snowfall dusts the streets and the aroma of festive treats fills the air, the Marche region becomes a beacon of holiday spirit, attracting visitors from Italy and beyond. The Christmas You Don’t Expect is not just an event; it is an expression of community, tradition, and the magic that defines the most wonderful time of the year.



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