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Victoria Beckham everyday makeup tutorial

Victoria Beckham, three fragrances inspired by her life

For a perfect, yet versatile daytime eye make-up that will last until the evening, four eyeshadows are enough, perhaps within one palette. She said this on her social media Victoria Beckham who for some time now – thanks to the constant launch of her cosmetics brand Victoria Beckham Beauty – threw herself into makeup tutorials for her followers.

After recently exploring the world of contouring and the perfect brow Luxury spices showed him step his daily makeup dedicated to the eyes and made only with eyeshadows in shades of nude and brown.

Victoria Beckham: Everyday eye makeup tutorial

To create the perfect daytime eye makeup, David Beckham’s wife only needs one product: a palette Smoky Eye Bricto its brand in a color combination Signature. His name is no accident! They are actually inside beige eyeshadow, pinkish nude, intense brown, and warmer: four shades that work perfectly with amber skin tones and golden brown and medium dark hair like Victoria Beckham.

Victoria Beckham, three fragrances inspired by her life

In particular, the stylist uses two nude colors in the center and inner corner of the eye to create a new point of light that illuminates the eyes. However, the two brown colors are applied with a brush to look more depth. Especially Victoria uses a warm brown in the crease of the lid and a darker brown in the outer corner to lengthen and lift the eyes. Then, with the same brush, apply everything under the lower lash line, so that the make-up is continuous.

The perfect make-up for a party too

Perfect for everyday makeup, Victoria Beckham’s eye makeup tutorial can also be used for a beautiful appearance on Christmas or New Year’s Eve. Make the dark eyeshadow even more intense on the outside, for example with a thicker brush, and add red lipstick.

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Victoria Beckham also shows off her signature makeup on the red carpet

The advantage of Victoria Beckham’s nude make-up lies precisely in its transversality. It is so natural that it can be combined with a gloss during the day and a lipstick for the evening and creates, why not, even new looks. rt art for end-of-year parties!


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